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    Default Changing Trailer Tire - OK to leave Trailer on Trailer Aid for a Few Hours?

    I have a mysterious slice in the rear tire on my trailer. I have removed the tire so that I can take it to my tire people. It is very hot here and it seems that putting the spare on by myself is going to take me a while since I also have to take off the cover that goes in the center of the original tire, and the cover seems to be stuck. Would it be okay to leave the trailer up on the Trailer Aid lift while I take the damaged tire to the repair shop? They will be able to get the cover off the original tire and put it onto the spare for me. I estimate this will take me about 90 minutes to 2 hours before I can get back here to put a tire back onto the trailer (the sun will be down by then, too!).

    Just am not sure if I will do any damage to the front trailer tire if it sits on the Trailer Aid lift for about 2 - 2 1/2 hours total (already been on it for 30 minutes). If it makes any difference, this is a 3 horse slant with weekender living quarters.


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    I can't see that it would damage the other tire any -- it's the two tires on the other side that will be taking the brunt of the weight. Go for it.
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    No problem for a couple of days. Some tires will take a slight set in the sidewall and belts. Just as if you parked the trailer for a week. But it will work out in a mile or two of travel. You won't notice it at all.

    Only issue you might have, is the ground compacting under the trailer-aid. Then you'll have a hard time getting the tire back on. The solution is a jack to lift the trailer a little bit.

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    Sep. 9, 2008

    Talking Thank You!

    Thank you for the replies! I will go get my tire in about an hour. I was smart enough to park the truck and the trailer on the concrete driveway so nothing will sink.

    I love my Trailer Aid! Makes it so easy to change the trailer tires all by myself. Now changing the tires on the dually .... oh no ... for that I call US Rider. But I can handle the trailer all alone.

    Thanks so much!


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    I've left our 26' stock trailer on the trailer aid for 3 or 4 days before...just couldn't get the tire in to get fixed before that...didn't need the trailer either, so left the spare off.

    It'll be fine

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