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    Default Looking for inexpensive lightweight turnout hood

    So my Haflinger pony lives in a pipe corral. It's Southern California ... pretty typical as such. And he loves to stick his neck through the fence to try and sneak his neighbor's hay or just to say hello. For two years now, he's managed to rub out his mane pretty significantly The first year I roached it out, and then started braiding and covering it last spring to keep him from rubbing. And just when it got long enough, he went and rubbed it out again. I think it was the slinky he was wearing, the lycra caused friction. Also, I can't put up wire around the fences for a variety of reasons.

    To make matters more frustrating, he isn't even rubbing out his entire neck, just the one spot in the middle which is as far as he can reach his neck through. I managed to get a mesh mane tamer that's done a great job protecting his mane. The rubbed spot has grown back, and it's breathable so he's really happy. The one gripe I have with it is it's really meant to be used with a halter because it just has that loop on top that goes around a halter, and I don't want to leave a halter on him 24/7 in his paddock. We've managed as we are, but I found a much better solution for next summer. It's a mesh hood like a stable hood, so it'd go around his ears and face and then cover his neck.

    But that's summer. Winter's coming, and rain will probably fall (we can only hope, SoCal needs it!) so he will probably need a waterproof turnout hood. I don't want just the neck cover, it'll probably just slide down his neck, and won't work that well because there's nothing to hold it on top. He needs a hood, the kind that goes over his head like a slinky, but it's got to be lightweight with no fill because it doesn't get that cold here. The ones I've been finding online are all medium to heavy weight and cost $100+ (yikes!)

    Any suggestions?
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    Can you put up chicken wire so he can't get his neck through?
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    Unfortunately no.

    The part of the pipe corral he usually sticks his head through just happens to be the one part of the fenceline he shares with a POA mare who likes to lean on the fence with her butt. The last time we put wire there, she sat on it, and messed it all up, so my BOs would prefer there wasn't any wire at all.

    I think I found a hood that will work at Valley Vet.
    "My time here is ended. Take what I have taught you and use it well." -- Revan

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