I read this in the Old Friends newsletter as well as on another racing forum, and thought some folks may be interested. They have 22 folks signed up as of now.


Most of you know that the thoroughbred business is in a serious downturn. But not the thoroughbred retirement business. I have the greatest job in the world except when I must tell dedicated, concerned people that we're filled up and can't accommodate their horses. The farm next door is available for lease...40 acres and 12 stalls for $3500 per month. That would allow us to move some of our off-site retirees closer and open up room for more deserving athletes. If we got 70 supporters to pledge $50 a month that would do it. If you're interested in participating, let Sylvia know. This will be an Old Friends syndicate and everyone will get their name on a brass plate in the barn. 502-863-1775