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    Default Fake Tail/Extension ideas for a horse with a broken tail!

    A good friend of mine has a long four year old paint gelding that somehow managed to break his tail last winter. It subsequently rotted and fell off, about 1/2 to 2/3 of the way down, taking the majority of the length of hair with it. It is now completely healed, and the hair is about 6-8" long. Some 'layering' should probably be done to it as it grows out more, and would probably help with blending in a fake.

    What type of fake/extension(s) would be easiest and most natural looking in this situation? She has a handful of small extensions made for people that she has tied into his tail for schooling shows. Let's just say I was more than a little mortified at the end result...we aren't talking high-quality human extensions, but the cheap, kinky halloween-wig hair. At the very least I tied in some black yarn and showed her how to braid the real tail and incorporate the yarn into the braid so she wouldn't have an extension fly off in the middle of the class. Besides that, it only gives him about a hock-length tail, and is pretty comical looking up close.

    Preferably something semi-affordable, but I know that is a lot to ask. Would she need to have one custom made or just have one 'cut' to blend in with his natural tail? At this point, we don't care if it is the blunt-cut like the breed circuit shows or the more natural ones you see on the hunter circuit. We just need something that will make him look presentable. OH, and FWIW - despite being a paint, his tail is (was) all black with absolutely NO white mixed it.

    In addition, if you have any links to tail makers for regular ol' tails, we'd like to start shopping for our two bay mares for next season. And before you suggest talking to the braider... I'm the braider. I just have no experience with fake tails.

    TIA for all your help...!

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    Try The Show Pen- they carry extensions for horses without hair on their tail bone. My extension is from them, it is high quality, looks great, and was very reasonably priced. They have great customer service too!
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    Here is a source http://www.worldchampionhorseequipme...cessories.aspx they sell both the Saddlebred style, which is soft cloth at the top and which you usually tie around the tail bone, or the Quarter Horse style with the knob top. You would want a switch, not a full overall tail or a cap wig.

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