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    May. 26, 2005

    Default PSA on sun block and hats

    I had surgery on my nose yesterday to remove a fairly small spot of basal cell carcinoma. In order to cover the hole left behind, the surgeon had to slice my entire nose apart, move the flesh around, and stitch it back together. I look like hell and want to cry. I am fair skinned and was a sporadic sun block user - I hated how it made my face sweat when I was riding and would come up with excuses to not apply it regularly (oh, I'm only riding for a little while, the brim of my helmet will shade my face, I'm not standing in the ring all day, etc).

    I know how horse women are - we're a tough lot. We brave all kinds of weather for our sport and put our horse's health and our family's health before our own. Please learn from me. It takes 2 minutes to slap on some sun block and put a hat on your head. Do it every time.

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    May. 8, 2004


    Sorry for your pain.

    I use a facial moisturizer that has SPF 15 sunblock built in. Reapplication is good when you sweat, of course, but I used moisturizer every day, so never leave the house without some sun protection on my face.

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    Jun. 6, 2000
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    The spray-on sunblocks (Aveeno makes a nice one) are a nice option that I discovered this summer. They come in high SPFs (50+), take about 2 seconds to spray on (close your eyes and mouth though!), and dry quickly.

    Take some Vitamin D though; with sunblock on all the time your body isn't going to be good at synthesizing this very necessary vitamin.
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    Feb. 22, 2005
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    Default AGREE!

    I really try to wear sunscreen at all times as I am fair skinned... not as pale as DH though. He had skin cancer at 16 years old and while it wasn't a result of sun exposure, we take stuff like that seriously.

    I am the woman on the beach covered in 85 SPF, dressed in a long sleeve rash guard and sun hat, happily reading a book under the sunshade.
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    Jun. 23, 2003
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    I'm fair skinned (read red hair and freckles!) and burn easily. I would also suggest you READ what's in your sunscreen. A lot of regular sunscreens/sunblocks contain oxybenzone, a chemical shown in laboratory studies to release a reactive form of oxygen that can actually be skin-cancer contributing. My bf's mother is on me every time we go visit about what sunscreen I'm using. She's a sun lover but has had to get a spot removed from her nose so now she's big into what's in them. You should try to find ones with zinc oxide like Blue Lizard or one with titanium dioxide.

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