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    Mar. 22, 2009

    Default Soo cool! Rambo is giving a $75 credit when you send in, bring in your old rambo!

    I just saw it on but I guess if you trade in your old blanket they will give you $75 towards a new one and give the old one to horse charities. pretty cool I just thought I'd let everyone know..

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    I think it's a fantastic offer and anyone that sells Rambo's is offering it. At least I think so anyway. Just do a Google search on Rambo Trade-in Voucher if you don't like to deal with Dover.

    But beware that some stores aren't offered the entire Rambo line for the voucher. I checked out Equestrian Collections as they offered FREE SHIPPING but they don't offer the Rambo I wanted, which was the Rambo Original light weight. They do offer the one with leg arches but I honestly hate that TO. To properly hook it up, you virtually have to get under the horse's belly and if you have a kicker, well.....

    I've just returned a TO that I bought from Schneider's in January that isn't waterproof so I'm hoping to get the refund and put it toward a new Rambo for the 27 yr old QH here. He isn't mine but his old Rambo lightweight was probably 15 yrs old and even with using Camp Dry, it didn't stay waterproof the entire season last yr. That's why I bought him a less expensive turnout. I honestly figured it would be OK as I don't think the old guy has that many more years left. I sure wasted my money on the Schneider's one. So, he'll be getting the TO that he deserves regardless. In the meantime I can use a shorter TO that I have for my horse plus the Rambo blanket extender I have. It should fit him till the new one comes.

    Rambo's are the best and toughest by far!

    PS. The offer is good until the end of November so don't wait forever.
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    I'm not saying let's go kill all the stupid people...I'm just saying let's remove all the warning labels and let the problem sort itself out.

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