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    Sep. 20, 2006

    Default What ar eyou feeding your upper level dressage horses?

    Working PSG or higher . . .

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    Jul. 30, 2007


    My horse is fed

    6-7 flakes of Timothy hay daily
    1/2 cup of 14% pellets (twice daily)
    1/2 C flax and 1 oz. Lifetime vitamin suppl. daily

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    Apr. 8, 2009
    Ventura Ca

    Default Tangerines, of course!

    I feed alfalfa hay 4x a day. He can get plumpish so I have to either add or rip it apart if I have him too fat or getting slim.

    I work him every other day. He gets a "scoop" of wheat bran and I've just added a scoop of Platinum Performance.

    He is not Mr. Athlete, and really works hard. Poor fellow. I felt guilty so added this supplement. I usually don't feel that my other horses work hard enough to warrant paying a lot of money every month for supplements. I had never seen a difference with any I've used. I have only just begun this and only feed it on the days he works, though it says to feed it twice a day.

    I can't even take my own multi vitamins with any dedication! Though I like chewable Vit C, it's a nice snack when I really am wanting chocolate!

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    Sep. 20, 2006


    LL and TF -- thanks for replying. What level are your guys working? LL -- how many days a week does yours work? I feel like I am having trouble with my guys DE levels and a bit of wieght loss (working it off of him). He currently gets free choice hay and a RB with fat supp and beet pulp. He works 6 days/week pretty hard and is really fit . . .

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    Jan. 10, 2007
    Linwood, KS

    Default Lots!!

    1994 Old/NA (Hanoverian/TB) Gelding showing I-1 this year and schooling I-2/GP as we start preparing for next year. Fit and worked 5 days a week with Mondays and Thursdays off. AA rider with trainer sitting on him about every 6 weeks to check in on our progress. works hard with a great work ethic. Rock star at shows. Turnout 4-6 hrs daily in most weather. Owned 2 yrs, very picky eater, treated for ulcers shortly after I got him.

    4 meals a day
    AM - 5 lbs Purina Senior, 3 flakes alfalfa, 1 flake brome hay
    1 PM - 3 lbs Purina Senior, usually does not need more hay as he has been out the morning.
    PM - 5 lbs Purina Senior, 3 flakes alfalfa, I flake brome hay
    8 PM - 3 lbs Senior and 2 oz U-Guard liquid

    He eats everything put in front of him, dunks his hay so has 3 water buckets that are cleaned each evening, and weight is now just where I want it.

    Have tried other grains, supplements, ulcer meds but he absolutely loves his Senior while turning his nose at most other grains/brands. loves his alfalfa but also his brome. don't mess with it now that I have found the right combination!

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