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    Default How to Condition New Leathers

    I just bought a pair of Prestige leathers, and they are softer than anything I have used before. Previous leathers were Stubben and Courbette, both of which were hard as could be (but they certainly lasted).

    Anyway, in the old days I just dumped everything in a bucket of Tanner's oil, let it soak overnight, and voila, nice and supple. With these new softer leathers (I don't think they're calf-skin, but they are soft) I am pretty sure this is not the best course of action. They don't need to soften up, but they do need conditioning before meeting the sweat and dust of Central Texas.

    Anyone have suggestions on the best way to condition?

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    Quote Originally Posted by raave05 View Post
    Anyway, in the old days I just dumped everything in a bucket of Tanner's oil, let it soak overnight, and voila, nice and supple.
    Soaking is not good for any leather and especially not overnight. I don't know about their leathers but Prestige makes a point of telling you not to oil their saddles, so you might want to check with them first. I know they recommend Effax products for their saddles instead of oil.

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    Effax lederbalsam is good stuff (comes in a brown tub). If you feel they need conditioning, I'd use a thin coat of that, work it in well with your hands and work the leathers, and then buff with a soft towel to remove any excess. Leathers and billets are not parts of tack you want to over-condition or over-oil.

    Wiping your leathers (and other tack) off with a damp towel after each ride will help keep grit/dust from building up and abrading them when they rub against your stirrup flap and your leg, which will keep you from having to condition quite as often.
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    I also use and love Effax Lederbasalm.

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