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    Default Giving DORMOSEDAN under tongue

    Has anyone ever given Dorm under the tongue? My mare is just starting her rehab from her tendon injury. Still on stall rest, but can walk 15 minutes a day under saddle. I have been giving her .2 of dorm IV or .3 IM to keep her quiet while she is ridden. I probably need to keep this going for the rest of the week. I hate to keep sticking her. Anyone ever try DORM under the tongue?

    How exactly do you do it? Would you increase the dose? How long do you wait for it to take effect?


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    i am not sure dorm will work that way, not all injectables work in the mouth.i work for an equine vet, will ask tomorrow, but for now i would do im.

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    The jury is still out on its efficacy but some people report success using detomidine orally. Usually I recommend starting out with the IM dose and working upward from there.

    HOWEVER, I prefer to give it IV or IM if able. As long as you are able, I'd just stick to giving it via injection. You can use 25g needles if you are concerned about injection pain.
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    I have used it successfully on the tongue. I have a horse who has serious needle problems and I have been giving him about .25 cc on the tongue prior to him getting his yearly shots. I give it about 20 minutes. Takes enough of the edge off so he doesn't hit the ceiling when the needles come out.

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