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    Default Experiences with GnRH injections

    Last night Sweets had a mild colic, followed by a wicked estrus display. Her last heat cycle just ended a week ago. Given her discomfort level and symptoms, I called the vet who then diagnosed her with cystic ovaries and prescribed a GnRH injection, possibly with follow-ups, depending on how she responds. She is back to normal this morning and all is well, but it was a long night. I've been noticing these progressively longer and stronger heat cycles over the last maybe 2 years. He said it is highly possible that this is why she developed stomach ulcers as well. The pain and stress from the heat cycles and imbalanced hormones could have led to a chronically stressed state. Whew, wow.

    Anyway, this vet runs a breeding farm and had stood QH stallions for decades. He's not a "repo vet" proper, but he has a lot of experience with breeding equines, and to him, this is a very clearcut case of cystic ovaries.

    I placed a call this morning with another vet I trust and I want to get a 2nd opinion, but does this all sound right to you? This is my first experience with an issue of this nature. And just to fill in the gaps (because I'm sure someone will ask), she was not near the stallion at all yesterday. Long before I brought him home, she would ocassionally display strong heat signs when exposed to a new mare. At the time, the vet had told me - well, just watch her. Maybe this is just a young, healthy mare coming into maturity, or maybe it will develop into a problem. And the funny thing is, she'll put on a display for other mares a lot sooner than she will for a stallion. She's been around breeding stallions at endurance rides before, standing in the vet line right in front or behind them, and she shows nothing. But let a mare get too close to her hiney and she's squealing and peeing. Not all the time obviously, but ocassionally.

    Anyway, any info from people whose mares are cystic, or people who have experience with the injections would be helpful. Thank you.

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    I just heard back from the second vet and his opinion was the same. He also suggested selenium testing and possibly extra supplemention. He has noted a correlation with cystic mares and low selenium levels. She's receiving 2.50 mg. a day now, but adding another .5 to 1 mg might be indicated. He said that the GnRH is effective for some mares, but HCG works better for others so we'll play that by ear.

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