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    Dec. 10, 2001

    Default Does your discipline say who you are?

    One of the posts in another thread sent me thinking about this while trail riding yesterday. What I love about trail riding is the freedom of it all, no gate times, no mapped out course to follow. If I choose to turn right, instead of left, well I can do that. That pretty much sums up my way of life. While I do keep track of things like bills, vet and farrier appointments, etc., I will often change my mind 1/2 way thru the day what the rest of my day will be. DH is the same. Now that our kids are out of the house, we often just look at each other, say "day off" and off we go. Ahhh, the beauty of both being self-employed.

    OK, I'm done rambling. Tell me if you are into Dressage, are you organized and meticulous in your real life? Are you and wild and determined Eventer both on the course and off? If you love those big jumps on horseback, are you are risk taker in life too?

    I also think what type of horse you choose tends to say a lot about you as well. Of course, this makes me a short fat blond
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    Feb. 6, 2003


    Huh...I don't fit my equine profile at all.
    I've been a jumper rider for ages...who now owns two western ranch horses. (yeah, still not sure how that happened, LOL!)

    One is a foundation type QH and the other is a tad more refined Appendix QH, both chestnuts. 14.3 and 15.1hh respectively.

    I do just pleasure ride on them now for fun...mainly because I don't have a ring in yet and can't jump courses.

    The only thing I have in common with either horse is that I'm short too, but not a red head (both are chestnuts) and I don't have a humongous arse. I am kinda laid back in personality though. (I'm also not male, both are geldings)

    I'm more like the dressage rider profile you mention...I keep everything organized and immaculate as much as possible. I plan things days in advance and live off of lists. (otherwise I forget what the h*ll I should be doing) I even have meal plans for each week and grocery shop off recipe lists. The house gets cleaned the same three days each week, same with laundry done certain days and errands, mowing, etc. Barn kept spic-n-span.

    I'm not a huge risk taker in life when it comes to things like family and finances and everyday safety. But I am a bit when it comes to riding or sports. Like I prefer hotter personality horses or more difficult courses when riding. I also like riding/working with horses that need attitude adjustments. But I'm not the type of person to drive in snow with the truck in rear wheel drive and no extra weight in the bed...or even risk that I might leave the grocery store without all the items on my list, LOL!

    I guess all in all...I don't make much sense.
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    Oct. 18, 2000


    I'm not sure what my discipline says about me.

    But my barn and tack room are always immaculate. I also live off lists because I've become very forgetful. I also do laundry on certain days, shop on certain days.... mostly because I'm frugal, and like order. I'm a risk taker - but informed risk.

    I foxhunt.

    Which is really odd because the only way to describe foxhunting is organized chaos.

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    Jul. 10, 2008


    i hate feeling rushed, i'm a perfectionist quite frequently, i dress in a stylish but (mostly) conservative manner, am generally quiet and laid back, and don't really do well with change at times.

    i'm a hunter rider. dabbling in the jumpers now, but hunterland is calling to me from the depths of my soul!

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    Feb. 8, 2004
    Rolling hills of Virginny


    Hmmm, there are aspects of trail riding that fit me, but some that don't.

    I switched from showing to trail riding for Conny, but am currently looking to get into foxhunting and endurance.

    I used to enjoy the hours of solitude that Conny and I had, because we often rode out alone. I'm a loner by nature, so that was always a way to soothe my soul after a hard work week.

    Casper isn't mentally capable of riding out alone, so he's not going to make a good endurance horse. He has the energy, just not the desire to go out with only his rider for companionship.

    I'm going to try him foxhunting, but that may also not be to his liking. He does like to go fast and is more than willing to jump, so I'm going to see how he takes the chaos and noise of the hunt.

    Anyone have a nice, young, energetic, sound, sane horse they're not using? I promise to give them a good home, and lots of exercise!
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    Mar. 13, 2006


    Not really at all. I am scared of heights, like to be in control of things at all available times, not necessarily a fan of speed - especially on things like ATVs... but put me on the back of a horse and somehow I morph into an eventer.

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    Aug. 23, 2000
    Youngsville, NC


    I think it probably used to.

    I'm a perfectionist and in my younger, skinnier days, I was a clothes horse. I rode hunters. I now tend to live in jeans and polos/turtlenecks. You might say I look like I was dressed by LLBean. Now I'm just piddling around the barn, doing groundwork on the young horse who I hope to get broken enough to trail ride.

    I am also driven and have lists for everything. When I was showing I was extremely organized. My life now seem to be organized chaos. If anyone stole my DayTimer, I'd be toast.
    'Computers are useless. They can only give you answers.'
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    Mar. 21, 2009
    Southern California


    Yup Like you posted, I enjoy the unfettered freedom of the trail, taking the turn that peaks my interest, enjoying the sites along the way. Usually a good mosey, the occasional burst of energy for a good trot or lope, then back to the moseying. My life is casual, both home and barn. Being immaculate when needed, otherwise merely 'neat' (also known as lived in).

    My horse is an Arabian. Do I resemble her? Yes, kind of. I'm an Arabian mind in a Foundation Quarter Horse body

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    Mar. 4, 2006


    I do the hunters and I don't think it suits me, it just suits my horse really well. I love watching horse trials....I love the polo shirts, the color, and the speed and the pure, objective nature of the jumper ring....but my OTTB has a soft, big-strided canter and a great jump and gets flustered when I 'rush' him.
    "To understand the soul of a horse is the closest human beings can come to knowing perfection."

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    May. 20, 2005
    Desert Southwest


    I'm a dressage person. Not a control freak, not a neat freak except when it comes to my tack. My condo looks like someone threw a bomb into the living room, and my trailer at the end of a show weekend looks like someone ransacked it.

    So no correlation that I can see.

    My horse is a tall, good-looking redhead. Me, not so much.
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    Nov. 15, 2004
    2nd star on the right


    Well I had a loudly marked black tobiano gelding for 7 years, now only have a chestnut mare, a chestnut colt, and a chestnut filly. Yes, I am a redhead I am also tall-ish at 5'9" and the mare is 15.3hh, the filly should end up around 15.2-3hh, and the colt is out of the mare and by a stallion with the potential to end up around 16.2ish. So, that all correlates...however, I ride dressage and not meticulous and organized to the nth degree.

    I do have things orderly in a chaotic way and know if anyone has moved anything. I don't plan out meals much in advance, make too many schedules, etc. I am a tend to go with the flow sort and like it that way. My house and barn are neat and tidy, but not spick & span.
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    Aug. 26, 2008


    Eh, maybe.

    I do a little bit of everything, dressage, hunters, jumpers, eventing and trail riding so I guess it does add up a little bit. I like to do everything and like everybody I meet. I never have enough time for anything and I am a bit scatterbrained but work hard andget everything done.
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    Sep. 25, 2005
    The Land of the Frozen


    Well, I'm a reformed dressage queen turned endurance/trail rider. So while I love the wide open trails, I ride with a heart rate monitor, a GPS, and a map, always. I can't stand wearing clothing that doesn't match the horse, and muddy/dirty tack drives me wild. My horse is always spit polished to a shine, wears a tail bag a lot, and gets a rubdown with coat polish and a soft cloth before most rides. It's in my blood, and I guess I just can't kill it, though I can't spend another minute of my life on a 20 meter circle.

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    Feb. 10, 2009


    REALLY interesting question!

    I think I see the parallels in two different ways -
    1. personality and discipline choice (as in, not liking to be rushed into making decisions might mean hunters or dressage, enjoying thinking on the fly meaning sj/xc)
    2. horse management and daily lifestyle (as in, meticulous tack room usually equals someone who would be lost without lists and a daytimer)

    I really enjoy the idea of hunters and dressage, but don't have as much patience for them, since I prefer the adrenaline shot of a fence at speed 90% of the time.

    And as far as horse personality - I like the ones that are arrogant smart asses but who will try their brains out. probably because they remind me of me

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    Aug. 20, 2008


    I guess it does work for me. I am a perfectionist, but I also do tak risks. Everything needs to be CLEAN! Yep, I ride in the hunters and equtation.

    And I am a red head and so is my horse. And I'm 5'7" and hes 16 hands, so were both a little taller than average...

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    Jul. 13, 2009


    absolutely! Was a ballet discipline is dressage.

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    Jun. 24, 2005


    I'm obsessive, fixate on tiny details, find comfort in patterns, and love routine/doing the same thing over and over and over and over. I am goal oriented, LOVE working and need to have "job" -- I wouldn't know what to do with myself on a trail ride that was purely for pleasure. I can talk about my imperfections until I'm blue in the face. I love classical music and ballet, and I collect old books. I love editing and enjoy lengthy, frequent debates about grammar.

    I'm VERY sloppy, but only because clothes and housekeeping are an all-or-nothing proposition for me and I don't have 15 hours a day to dedicate to them. If I try to keep my house clean, I turn into a crazy person and stop using anything for fear of making a mess. I've just learned to live with the fact that I have to ignore those areas to maintain my sanity.

    I'm dressage all the way, and I think that TOTALLY fits, but I also liked jumping a lot...just not cross country. I do not like risk.

    eta: I also write WAY too much. I would've been a great ODG.

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    Jul. 10, 2008


    Quote Originally Posted by roki143 View Post
    Not really at all. I am scared of heights, like to be in control of things at all available times, not necessarily a fan of speed - especially on things like ATVs... but put me on the back of a horse and somehow I morph into an eventer.
    Me too!

    I am a bit of a chicken and try to be very careful no matter what. I don't see myself as a risk taker but really, you have to be one (at least a little) to get on the back of a horse no matter going out and eventing.

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    Nov. 20, 2008


    Either I'm confused or open-minded...

    My first picture on my pony and she's wearing a western bridle with an 18" english saddle and I'm a tiny 10 year old kid. To this day I'm obsessed with tack that matches and fits properly.

    I started showing western, then decided that I wanted to be a DQ after I bought my WB cross mare. Somehow I ended up eventing, even though it's a sport I would have never thought I'd enjoy-I'm not a risk taker or naturally brave! Suprisingly enough, eventing suits me better than any discipline I've ever done before-maybe because for me it's about the partnership and doing things that you'd normally be afraid to do but you have trust and faith in each other. My gelding is pretty spooky and I'm actually one of those people that jumps(or spooks) when someone surprises me. He's 16.3 hands and leggy with a long back and I'm 5'8 and leggy with a short torso-I guess we kinda match!

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    Jun. 7, 2002


    That is interesting!

    I don't like labels, so I don't have ONE discipline. Over the years I've shown in dressage, in the jumpers, foxhunted and evented but a few years ago, I decided not to compete anymore.

    What I really like do what I want! lol which is why I like Hunter paces...jump whatever fence I feel like jumping! Or just have a nice dressage session in the ring. Or go on a long trail ride. Whatever suits me and my mare at one point in time. No pressure, no fancy clothes, no braiding!
    I am not adverse to risk taking when I feel like it...I like to drive fast on windy roads (my little car is a standard because automatics are bo-ring), I'll zoom downhill on a mountain bike or on skis, I still love galloping over solid jumps, my horse is a Ottb whom I re-trained myself (so all of her shortcomings are pretty much MY doing, haha!) and who still has her "moments" (jump-squeal-land-buck type of "moments") but some days, all I want is a hack bareback on a loose rein. Which she now is actually willing to give me!

    As for barn/horse is in good weight, outside all day, gets cleaned when I ride her, tack is pretty clean (saddle, especially, is always "Lexoled" for stickiness if I'm going to jump), stalls are cleaned once a day...nothing is "spiffy" clean (no Hunters or Equitation for us, haha!) or overly organized...because there is so much more to life than cleaning/organizing...

    So yes, my riding does reflect my personality, I guess!
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