I need to find a home for this filly, as I need to be one horse less. I don't want her to end up at a bad place though

She's 2yrs and 8 months now, about 15 hands, and a chestnut filly (lol). She has a tiny white star and a little bit of white on her left hind leg. She is very big bodied and filled out. She's your typical 2yr old, a little nippy, but it's getting better every day. She LOVES to get groomed and clipped and worked, and gets mad when I work the other horses first. She is the alpha mare in my "herd" and is definately in charge. She stands well for the farrier and just got shoes on yesterday, there was a little wiggling, but over all pretty good.

I started her driving over the summer and she really likes it, she stands to be hooked and unhooked. We've been all over the farm and never had any problems. She is also at this time very green broke to ride, but I am going to start more saddle time here in the next week or so. I don't work her for long periods of time, just enough to for her to figure it out and we're done. She still (obviously) needs to grow up some more, but is VERY super smart and picks up on things fast.

She could go anyway you wanted, driving, saddleseat, huntseat, western...or all of it! LOL

She is in good health and has no issues.

I have tons of pictures available, and could get video if needed. Please PM if interested for more info.