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    Check your PMs, or search for my post earlier in this thread.

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    Default Rider available this summer in Lexington KY

    flat rider/exercise/jumper rider available through the summer (then in Wellington FL fall and winter...)

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    Aug. 22, 2006

    Default Riderless horse near Fair Hill, MD- Free Lease or FTGH

    Posting for a friend. Amazing opportunity for someone looking for a dressage, cross country, fox hunter, paperchase, or fun trail horse. Please read the whole description written by his owner below:

    15.3+hh buckskin Irish Sport Horse/Connemara gelding. He was found and brought to me by my Olympic eventing coach Jane Sleeper. Jane was so impressed with the, at the time, 3 year that she insisted this be my first professional horse. He is a '95 foal which makes him 18 this year. I have had him since he was 3 years old so anything you could possibly want to know about him- I'm the one you want to ask.

    He was my event horse for many years and as eventers we practice the skills of dressage, show jumping and XC. He was a successful horse all through pony club and into the upper levels of eventing, was schooled up to the Advanced level. We even did some local dressage shows to help improve his lateral work. He was never quite fancy enough in the dressage to win at the upper levels but he always placed very well overall because he was strong, never ever stopped, bold jumper. He has trained with many of the greats and has always been used as an example horse for show jumping and xc. Now with that being said, he was aggressive enough to tackle huge fences and kind and patient enough to let me inexperienced mother ride him 2x a week. My mom trail rode and took lessons on him for fun. He's a cool dude.

    Unfortunately, he is slightly "off" in his step in his left hind. He isn't lame behind he is 'off', meaning when he trots he slightly drags his toe and wings his left hind inward rather than tracking up and forward. This has no affect on the comfort of his step or ride. You can't even feel it. This stems from an old injury, in Sept. '08 he was in a field fight with a horse who was accidentally turned out in his pasture. He has never been the same in his left hind since. We had several vets look at him and did all the appropriate things to try to get him sound with the exception of a bone scan. As it stands today I took him to a specialist to try to figure out where his "offness" is coming from. We blocked the entire leg to the stifle and X-rays. Nothing was visible to point to the "offness." So we have been advised to take him for a bone scan. The vet did tell us that he is in NO pain and is in amazing health. The vet encourages that he continue to be ridden as long as he likes his job, and he likes to work!

    In the perfect situation I would like to find my horse a forever home that wanted to ride a few times a week, maybe do trails, dressage and fences under 3'. He is bold and a little quick to his fences as he is an event horse still in his mind. He needs to be refreshed on his dressage work since he was off for the last year while I started my next upper level horse. He is an easy keeper. Only needs the farrier every 8 weeks, perfect gentleman for vet an dentist. X-ties clips and self loads on the trailer. There are only three things he does not do- he can not handle blue plastic lol... No idea why!! He needs to see and be close to other horses when he is in the barn/stall and he does not like the noise of machinery being close to him. Wierd, I know haha.

    Right now he is being worked 4x a week to just refresh him and he is loving it. He is happy and just wants a job and attention. He has excellent ground manners and is easy to handle. He is easily placed in any field situation and gets along with everyone.

    Pictures available! Owner finances force placement, boarding funds are limited so he needs to find a home soon!

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    May. 4, 2013

    Default Horseless Rider in NOVA~DC~MD

    I am 25 year old who took time away from riding for college and work and am desperately trying to get some horse time back in my life! I rode hunters for 10 years before going away to college and owned my own pony for 5 of those years. Though I am trained as a hunter rider I would be willing to try jumpers, dressage, etc. just to get some saddle time. I live in Lorton, VA (near Fort Belvoir) but am willing to travel up to 45 minutes away (or an hour for the right situation). Would LOVE the chance to show this summer (I can cover the showing expenses) but would be happy to just exercise your horse, trail ride, etc. as well. Thanks!

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    Pm sent.

    Quote Originally Posted by Ljane237 View Post
    I am 25 year old who took time away from riding for college and work and am desperately trying to get some horse time back in my life! I rode hunters for 10 years before going away to college and owned my own pony for 5 of those years. Though I am trained as a hunter rider I would be willing to try jumpers, dressage, etc. just to get some saddle time. I live in Lorton, VA (near Fort Belvoir) but am willing to travel up to 45 minutes away (or an hour for the right situation). Would LOVE the chance to show this summer (I can cover the showing expenses) but would be happy to just exercise your horse, trail ride, etc. as well. Thanks!
    We could all take a lesson from crayons some are sharp, some are beautiful, some have weird names, and all are different colors, but they still learn to live in the same box. Unknown.

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    Mar. 17, 2013

    Default Horseless Rider in Cincinnati, OH

    Hello everyone!

    I know this is a loooong shot, but hey, miracles happen right?

    My name is Lauren and I'm 16 years old, and out of those 16 years I've been riding for 8 of them (competitively and in a lesson program, about 10 if you count being hand led around I was started western pleasure / EQ, but after 6 months I turned to English to pursue a lower level jumping career, pleasure and EQ and later hoped to do eventing, and for the past 2 summers I got an amazing chance to show/tune up/exercise some contesting horses in Kentucky. The past two summers I've been attending a 4H camp in Kentucky as well.

    Anyways, if you'd like more of a resume PM me what I'm looking for is basically free rides to help you keep your horse in top shape if you can't necissarily ride for some reason. I would love to lease, but unfortunately I can't do that with a 16 year olds paycheck. I'd be willing to do any style of riding that you do as I'm well rehearsed in both. PM me with any questions you may have!!

    Over the summer, I'm also providing my services in the horse sitting area while you're on vacation or away!


    Edit ; scratch that. Email me if you have any questions or what not.

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    Oct. 14, 2007

    Default Lease horse needed

    I thought about putting out the feelers of searching for a lease horse.

    I have had horses for over 35 years and have a very nice small place for horses in my back yard. I currently have three horses; one that is young and green is in full training 1 1/2 hours away so I only ride him two days a week.

    I planned on riding my two retirees at home to keep in shape because I am a believer if you are going to commit to something you will never get better unless you work at it. My retirees are not able to pack me around anymore due to lameness. (I do have a thread about it)

    I have put the word out that I thought about leasing a horse and my trainer and vets were very nice to say they will not only keep their eyes out for something but said at least we know the horse would get very good care. That meant a lot to me.

    I know it may take some time to find the right situation but figure I should start looking.

    I need a horse 16 2 or larger due to my size. I don't care what color, breed, sex or age but needs to be sound. I would like the horse to be a solid citizen in the brain department. I live in California and would want the horse to come live at my place. I have a new MD barn 12 x 24 with a 30' x 24' run and large arenas with great footing.

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    Cresco, PA

    Default Foxhunting near the Poconos

    Horse wants to foxhunt but has no rider available. 16H TB gelding. Sound, sane and enjoys getting out. PM for details.

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    Apr. 19, 2013
    Ben Hur, TX

    Default Opportunity to ride near Waco, TX

    We are a small, family run farm with too many horses and not enough time to ride them all. Looking for person to help keep them ridden. Must have training level dressage experience at a minimum. Jumping/eventing experience a plus. This is NOT a paid position but a great opportunity to ride a wide variety of horses and get lots of experience, free lessons and possibly opportunities to show for the right person. We are 1/2 hour east of Waco. You can PM me or check our website, or on Facebook at Trinity Creek Farm.

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    Snohomish, WA

    Default OTTB Needs Advanced Rider for Miles- Woodinville, WA

    I have an 8 yr old OTTB gelding, just under 17 hands, I haven't sticked him lately. I could use help keeping him going. I tend to ride about 3 days a week and I would love if someone else would want to ride 3 days a week. He needs a confident rider, intermediate or advanced, you don't need to be a pro but he likes to push buttons and not move forward. No buck/bolt/rear but he kicks out if you get him with the pony smacker. He is a great little jumper and easy on the trails, wouldn't mind the right person after a trial hauling him to local shows. He might possibly be moving to Bridle Trails in a few months but that is yet to be determined. If so, the right person (after trial) could ride him out on the trails, he has been out there before and rides on the buckle for the most part. He's been to two shows in Bridle Trails as well. W/T/C/ and jumps about 2 foot undersaddle (no changes) ATM, clears 3'9 free jumping. I would love to find someone that is interested in a project, that is interested in doing some ground manners work as well as riding and not super focused on being at the Evergreen Classic this year, maybe next? Who knows! I have taken everything very slow with him, not by any fault of his own. But I am busy and can't afford a trainer to place the miles on him, finish him up.

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    Woody's house

    Default Sweet TB gelding looking for a second mom...

    I have a sweet, well trained 16.2 TB gelding who is not getting ridden or pampered enough due to my demanding schedule.
    He is a push-button dude, but you have to know what buttons to push. Wonderful facility with ALL the amenities. Suitable for advanced beginner up, but prefer an intermediate rider due to his size.
    Looking to free half lease him at the farm. Free half lease means you get 1/2 ride time and you pay 1/2 board, no lease fee. I cover regular vet/farrier expenses.
    Located 1/2 hour away from University of Connecticut, 1/2 hour from Worcester, MA.
    PM for more info.
    ~Rest in Peace Woody...1975-2008~

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    Yonder, USA

    Default Riderless horse near Cols, OH

    Too many horses to get them all worked/legged up (not just me, but also some other folks I know who're closer to town). NE of Columbus, Ohio area (all <45 minutes from OSU campus).

    I have horses I'm trying to get out on the trails a lot this summer to work on manners and group riding for foxhunting in the fall. Ditto gymnastics and basic dressage. This includes opportunities to ride in hound exercise, mock hunts (various fields), and maybe some schooling shows and hunter paces. Horses aren't dangerous or badly-behaved, but all have good mouths and a motor so you must have an independent seat and some tact. It'd be great if you can fit my 17.5" saddles which are fitted to the horses, and my insurance company would love us both if you're over 18.

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    Red face Horseless Rider - Bergen County NJ

    Just finished my first year of college, and looking to bring something to my barn to least through August. Hopefully a jumper but hunters is fine with me as well. Free/ low cost is ideal, and I have experience through the high children's jumpers at A shows. If anyone has an idea of a horse that would work please contact me at

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    Default Dressage Rider Available - Hunterdon County, NJ

    Not horseless, but looking for more saddle time this summer (starting end of May)! Dressage rider (USDF bronze and silver medalist, lots of show experience) and college student (riding/competing actively during the school year) based in Hunterdon County, NJ and willing to travel to surrounding areas in NJ and PA.
    Please PM for more information! Happy to consider all situations!

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    Dec. 27, 2009

    Default Half lease in Metro west Ma

    I am looking for someone to share my young gelding because although this would be a free lease, I am hoping for someone to share expenses at horse shows as well as board over the winter. I want to stay where we are now for summer months. I absolutely adore the place. I lease a small barn with grass turnout. I like that it's MY place so I want to stay as long as the weather is good. I also have a place in mind for winter but I am flexible.

    My horse is a very green coming 4 yr old. He is easy going and highly trainable, but he is a baby, and antics do happen, so you would need to be okay with youngsters. He is most likely a hunter, so I prefer a hunter/jumper rider. However, I am very big into a good solid foundation, so a low level dressage background is a plus! Please, experienced riders only!

    I would not expect any money, but again, would like someone who can share board expenses over the winter months and split show fees (if we ever get that far!) You should be working with a trainer or be willing to start. I do not have a trainer as of right now, so I would use yours, or we could find one together.


    Not our finest, he was a little distracted today because it was cool. Fun project though!

    Email me at and we can discuss details.
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    Default Super Riding Opportunities - Northern VA

    We have two super nice horses near Aldie/Arcola for the right person. The requirements are someone who has had experience with owning their own horse in the past, and is knowledgeable about working a horse correctly. The rider will be expected to pitch in with chores. There are always opportunities to attend competitions and xc schoolings. Feel free to send me a PM.
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    Default Horseless Rider in Winston-Salem/Greensboro, NC

    I am a horseless rider in the Winston-Salem/Greensboro area of NC. I rode hunters and jumpers for many years on my own horses, until I had to sell them before college. I have over 15+ years riding. Since graduating college (3 years ago) I have been catch-riding whatever I can find! I had my most recent catch ride for over a year when his owner decided she had to sell him for financial reasons. I am MORE than willing to work off rides, I am an excellent stall cleaner, horse feeder and barn sweeper

    Please contact me if you have a horse you an experienced rider for!

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    Up the creek from bar.ka


    I will be looking for a new helper in mid August. I have a barn of 8 horses. I'm in Dayton Ohio. PM me if you're interested in riding.

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    Default Horseless Rider - Bothell, WA

    I am a horseless rider in Bothell, Washington.

    I am 14 years old, and very petite. I can ride 11-17 hand equines, and have experience riding English and Western.

    I can walk, trot, and canter confidently, have started jumping, and know some dressage. I have also worked with young and green or naughty horses. Please send me a message if you have a horse needing some attention! Thanks

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    Default Horseless Rider- DC area

    I'm an intermediate rider looking for some extra riding time over the summer. I own my own horse, but will be selling/leasing him out for college in the fall, so I am not sure how regular my riding opportunities will be. I always love the chance to expand my horizons by riding different horses and am eager to gain any kind of experience possible. I am responsible and mature and always put the horse first. Please PM me with any questions or leads!

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