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    Jan. 6, 2013

    Default Horseless Rider, Andover/Forest Lake MN

    Horseless rider from Andover/Forest Lake, Minnesota. Looking for a lower level event horse (Training and below, at least for this year, potential for more would be nice though) to either lease or buy. Currently riding at a stable in Forest Lake as a working student. Not looking to lease/buy until mid April at the earliest (due to other responsibilities), but have started looking now. PM me for specifics.
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    Sep. 2, 2012
    Sacramento, CA

    Default Sacramento, CA - TB gelding in need of exercise!

    7 yr old TB gelding (not OTTB). Still somewhat green and needs an appropriate rider but is a fun ride. I just don't have the time during the school year, so he's been sitting more than he should be. W/T/C, leg yields, has shown Intro dressage, ready to move up to Training.

    Email is best at

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    Jul. 7, 2011
    Pacific Northwest

    Default Riderless horse (sort of) WA

    With my busy travel schedule my mare is not getting the rides that she needs. She is in full care board at a decent facility(indoor arena) but I can't afford training on her as well.
    I am a Hunter Jumper rider and my goal is to take this mare in the AA 3'3 and the adult EQ. I work with a very talented trainer about twice per month, but mostly do my own riding/training.
    I am looking for a talented junior or adult amateur to ride my mare when they can. I am not looking for inexperienced riders. The ideal situation would be a half lease, but my main concern is my mare getting the work and attention she deserves.
    Cora is a 15 year old Oldenburg mare. 16.3hh dark bay, not super fancy but nice enough to win at the local A shows. She has done up to 2nd level dressage but really loves to jump. She is best in the hunter or equitation ring. The last two years I have ridden her in the Pre-Adults 2'9, only because we haven't had the time to move up to the next level. She is a bit rusty right now but if she were getting more rides I would feel comfortable taking her in the AA hunters.
    If you are interested send me a pm on here or email me at Thanks!
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    Nov. 3, 2002
    Southwest, CT

    Default Horseless rider in Southwest Connecticut

    I moved to CT about a year ago, and had to sell my horse to do so. I would love to find someplace or something to ride. I've talked with a few lesson barns, but everything here is way out of my price range.

    Before moving I was showing in the 2'6" adult eq and was considering moving my horse up to the 3'. I don't have any desire to show anymore, just want something to sit on. I've got quite a bit of free time and am not opposed to trading barn work for something to ride.

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    Mar. 12, 2013

    Default Horseless Rider in Boulder, CO


    I'm a 23 year-old college student dying for some ride time!
    I took two years off from school in order to show the 3' Jr. Hunter division locally and Children's Hunter at a handful of A shows (as well as work for a professional rider) before moving to CO for college. When I moved out here, I gave up riding and for about three years my riding has been very inconsistent. As it is now, the only times I get to ride are breaks in my school schedule when I go back to Maryland. I would love the opportunity to ride about three times a week. Please email me for any extra information you may need:

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    Apr. 22, 2002


    We have a 15.3 gelding that needs work. near Mystic Ct, Would trade for cost of his shoes (front only) about $80.00 every 6 weeks and barn chores. Email me at for pics and video if you're interested.

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    Jan. 20, 2010

    Default Horseless Rider DC Area

    I'm an intermediate rider looking for some extra riding time come spring/summer. I own my own horse, but always love the opportunity to expand my horizons and ride different horses. Please PM me with any questions or leads!

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    Dec. 10, 2010


    Quote Originally Posted by msj2192 View Post
    Hey everyone! Thought I would get a head start on this, but I more than likely will be interning down in Versailles, KY this summer, 2013 (May-August). I will be leaving my horse at home for the 3 months and am basically just looking for free rides on whatever I can find. I'm experienced with OTTBs, young/green horses, dressage, jumpers, hunters, and eventing. I'm around 5'4" and 125 lb. with short legs and can easily fit the ponies. I've schooled through 2nd dressage with my own horse and some 3rd level stuff with others. I've jumped up to 3'9" and schooled some prelim xc. Would prefer something that has the ability to jump or has jumped. Willing to work with stubborn/naughty horses, but nothing considered "dangerous" as I do have my own horse back home. My email is, let me know if you have a horse that needs worked this summer!

    Also, looking to half lease my horse out this summer in Columbus, OH (May-August)...willing to negotiate prices (possibly free rides) for an experienced rider that can keep him up to date in training. Needs a firm, but patient rider to use his full ability. Contact info above!

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    Jun. 23, 2009

    Default Kingston, WA re-rider looking for an easy, kid-friendly ride

    My cousin lives in Kingston, WA. She owned a horse as a young girl/teenager, then stopped riding for college and started a family. She would love to get back in the saddle again, but isn't willing to purchase a horse while she has the expensive of three young ones. She would love to be able to get back into riding again and doesn't want or need anything fancy. Her main priorities would be a calm, reliable mount for her while also being kid-friendly. She would love to be able to introduce her own children to horses while they are still young.

    I think an older or even semi-retired lesson horse would be a great match, or even something along those lines. She's not looking to do anything more than short pleasure rides right now, so a horse that is sound for the flat or trails would be no problem.

    She doesn't want to have to take the ferry to Seattle, so she'd need a horse located somewhere in her neck of the woods and near Kingston, WA.

    If you have some retired show horses or pleasure horses that would benefit from some attention, TLC, and a slight bit of exercise every now and again, this could be a good match!

    PM me or email alspharmd at gmail if you have any ideas!

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    Oct. 18, 2001
    Between two NC cities.


    This may be a long shot....

    My prelim horse is retired and I am looking for a free lease of a horse going prelim or one going training and able to move up to prelim. I am happy to take horses that are for sale and I can continue to compete them until sold, or perhaps keep a horse in work while someone is away at college. I am also willing to pay shipping. I have great references and work with 2 reputable trainers in NC and am a graduate 'A' pony clubber.

    I have been breaking babies and riding them through the novice level since my horse retired and since graduating college ... But I'm itching to get back to training/prelim.

    Feel free to PM me if you know of ANY ideas.

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    Nov. 16, 2010

    Thumbs up Horseless Rider - VA

    I'm an adult adv. beginner with confidence issues looking for a quiet large pony or horse for on site half lease or free off site lease that rides English and/or western. I am big boned but not overweight.

    My plans is trails, pleasure, and local schooling shows.
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    Default Horseless Rider in SE PA

    Temporarily horseless in SE PA (Chester County) due to a job relocation.
    In my early 20s, not super brave, but extensive foxhunting experience (received my colors as a whipper-in), and love Thoroughbreds (geldings). Some experience with low-level eventing.
    Would love the chance to "play," hack out, and get dirty in a barn (I clean tack!).
    References available.

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    Jun. 8, 2012

    Default Horseless H/J Rider Greenville, DE

    I'm living in Greenville Delaware and my show horses are in N. Virginia so I'm looking for a horse to hack in a ring during the work week. I'll be in Virginia or at horse shows on the weekend so its just a weekday request. Could be free lease or just free. Prefer quiet large horse but doesn't need to be a hunter/jumper.
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    Default Equestrian Resolutions seeking riders/help

    Hi, we are looking for riders and in return request help with cleaning fields and stalls. Please email me at if you are interested.
    Thank you

    Quote Originally Posted by Cita View Post
    Horseless graduate student re-rider in central NJ (Princeton area) looking for some saddle time. Have a background riding h/j and cross-country (exercising foxhunters in the summer). I've been riding off and on for 15-some years, but lately more "off" than "on" due to school, finances, geography, etc.

    Are you one of the busy businesspeople around here who could really use a hand getting your horse enough exercise? Do you have an extra horse and want someone to keep you company while riding? I would be so very happy to help Please email or PM if it sounds like we would be a good match!

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    Sep. 19, 2008


    Any experienced riders in the Central Michigan area that are horseless or just looking for more time in the saddle? I know of a riderless dressage horse, please pm for details

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    Oct. 12, 2005


    OOPS! This was directed in response to Airforce Wife's post. Sorry!

    Geez, too bad you're not closer to Dunnellon. I've got a nice tb mare boarded there that I'm shipping back to Va, because I couldn't find anyone willing to lease her for her board (250/mo). It costs me just about that much to have her here at home! LOL She's just starting to jump and I hear she's doing awesome. My instructor down there is bummed, because she knows I'll get her home and just do walk/trot and maybe canter a bit a couple times a week. I've had a long "layoff" myself and am just getting back to riding after several years and am decrepit and out of shape!

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    I am a 20 year old UVA college student in the area for the summer of 2013 and am looking for horses to exercise! I have ridden for 13 years in the hunters divisions and equitation on the VHSA circuit and was champion of 2 CHSA divisions in 2011. I do not currently own a horse and have been itching to ride all semester! I have a car and alot of free time this summer so please respond to my thread if you need any type or age of horse exercised or shown!

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    Mar. 26, 2003

    Default horseless rider in wake/chatham/durham county

    I'm a young 20s experienced rider who has had a little time off because of college and a job, but I am really missing my horsey time and could use a fix . I'm responsible and reliable - most of my experience is in hunter/jumper, but I'm willing to sit on anything that's reasonably sane and I can follow directions well if you prefer a different style. I'm a teacher so I am off early in the afternoons and can ride during the week or on weekends - I live/work in Cary, but I'm willing to travel to other parts of Wake County, this side of Chatham County, Durham County and/or possibly Chapel Hill area. I'm also willing to work in exchange for saddle time if you need someone to feed or muck stalls a couple of times a week!
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    Jul. 2, 2003

    Default Northern NJ/1 hour from NYC

    If you can get out during the week, I have a few horses with varying experience levels that could use a bit more work. PM for details.

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    Oct. 1, 2004
    Magnolia, TX

    Default Magnolia, TX

    I have a couple horses who could use more work on the flat. Experienced rider preferred, particularly with dressage background. PM for details.
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