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    Nov. 18, 2010

    Default Horseless Rider in Central/Upstate NY

    I'm a horseless rider in Ithaca, NY. For the last 4 years, I've been riding casually for a sporthorse and pony breeder in the area and prior to that I ran my own lesson program in California as well as worked for various hunter/jumper trainers in the area. I have taken some time off to have a baby and am now looking for a horse to work with. I've had dressage, h/j experience and done a little hunter pacing. I'm also experienced with green horses and "projects". I'm really open to any opportunity (I'm willing to drive within an hour of Ithaca and can also find a place to board around here), so please feel free to PM me if you know of anything.

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    Aug. 26, 2012

    Default Horseless Rider Miami, FL

    I'm a first 1st/2nd level dressage rider just relocated to Miami, FL. I have a background in eventing and have been riding for 14 years. Spent the last two years as a part time working student for a dressage trainer. I'm horseless and looking to ride as often as possible! Will still be taking lessons to brush up, but need to keep fit in between. PM me if you know of anything.

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    Jun. 26, 2006
    The Very Brink of Insanity

    Default TB Mare for Partial Lease- Amherst MA

    Looking for an intermediate/advanced rider interested in riding a greener but very intelligent and willing TB Mare in Western MA several days a week. She is super sweet, puppy dog personality, and incredibly smart. Currently going w/t/c, some lateral movement, and introducing poles and x-rails. Very comfortable and definitely a fun ride, really enjoys having a job. Only being offered due to owner's lack of time, the horse makes strides (sorry for the pun!) when in consistant work, and truly has so much potential.

    Lovely full-care farm in Amherst MA, indoor and outdoor rings, XC course, trails, etc. Close to the five colleges, about 10 minutes from UMASS and Amherst College, on the PVTA bus line.

    Terms of the lease are quite negotiable- I'm most interested in finding her the right match.

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    Feb. 13, 2011

    Default Riderless Horse in Sheridan, IN

    My 15 year old 15.1 hh perch/welsh gelding has recently started under saddle work after a year off due to injury. He needs someone who would like to go for hacks with lots of walking to get him moving again. He is on a private farm with plenty of outdoor riding space. He is very well schooled and polite in every way (experience includes dressage, eventing, vaulting, carriage driving, H/J). If all goes well I'd love to have a buddy to haul out for longer trail rides. Thanks!

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    Aug. 30, 2012

    Default Horseless Rider - Washington, DC

    Hi everybody,

    Until recently I was doing a half lease in Potomac, MD, but with the beginning of my second year of grad school - I'm pursuing my masters in social work - I can no longer afford everything. And I'm starting to see the loans add up!

    I live in NW DC and can ride weekends and some days (I have a somewhat flexible schedule on days with classes - but others are full internship followed by class). I'd also love to have someone to ride with!

    My riding has mostly consisted of hunters, including a lot of lessons and half leases. I rode for 4 years at Hazelwild when I was at Mary Washington College. Mostly small relatively low courses. I love to get out of the ring and do trails with friends.

    What with our crazy traffic, I'd like to stay as close to DC as possible but weekends only would be easier.

    Send me a note with any ideas & thanks!

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    Default Horseless Rider - Asheville NC

    I sold my horses, truck and trailer last August in order to attend Pharmacy school in Western, NC. I have made it through the first year, but not riding is killing me! I kept the majority of my riding stuff, and would love to find something to sit on.
    Before coming to pharmacy school I was working as a barn manager, and have spent lots of years as a working student and professional groom. I brought two of my own horses up to training level eventing, and have ridden numerous others. I am not picky at all, and I will ride anything that is not dangerous (I have health insurance, but I'd rather not use it if I don't have to.) As a side note, I am small enough to ride medium to large ponies.
    So if anyone needs a body to hack out your horse(s), exercise it, or anything more, please let me know.

    I am also more than willing to come do barn work! Even if there is no riding! I am telling you I am desperate!
    \"It was a relief to me to know that loud talk, red faces, and public drunkenness are still a part of the eventing scene.\" -Jim Wofford

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    May. 27, 2012

    Default Horseless rider in Toms River, NJ

    Hey all. I'm a horseless rider in Toms River, NJ, looking for something within a half hour drive or so - maybe up to 45 min - to ride casually. I am almost 20 years old and have been riding VERY on and off for six years.. I've never seen a show ring and I jumped maybe three times over itty bitty crossrails more than three and a half years ago or so, maybe, and haven't seen a fence since. Of course, none of this was by choice on my part. Go figure.

    I'm an intermediate rider that can be a little timid at times. Two solid years out of the saddle broke my confidence completely. I've spent the last year and change trying to fix myself whenever I had the opportunity to ride, but every time I start to really trust the horse I wind up losing it. I'm mostly better, though..

    I am a very sensible, responsible rider who needs a little time to get accustomed to a horse before getting any kind of adventurous. Adventurous, for me, is leaving the ring with the horse, basically. I ride with very soft hands and a quiet leg.. at least as quiet as the horse will let me be.

    I am a very quiet person that outgrew petty highschool drama before I even entered high school.

    I am not looking to pay or be paid. I'm really just kind of hoping somebody out there has a nice horse that isn't really getting enough attention, or they have an extra horse but no trail riding buddy, something casual.. I know it's a long shot but I gotta give it a try. The weather is finally starting to cool off so I have to get back in the saddle. All summer.. no riding.

    I might be willing and able to negotiate some light work in exchange for an informal lesson every now and then.

    Email if you have something.

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    May. 3, 2012

    Default Riderless horse in WI

    Due to starting vet school I have a lot less time for my horses. I would love to find someone to trail ride my 8 year old gelding. He has been out on trails alone and in groups a few dozen times before, and though he is not an old pro yet he is generally sane and safe. His spook is a spook in place, or at worst a step to one side if something really startles him, like the time two Canada geese flew out under his nose! I am looking for someone to trail ride him, as often as you like, for free- I simply need him kept in shape and more trail miles put on him. He is boarded south of Madison, WI and has english and western tack though he has mostly been ridden english. Please message me if you are interested, and tell me a bit about your riding experience. Thanks!
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    Feb. 16, 2007
    My very own sliver of heaven.

    Default Temporarily Riderless Horse - Ocala, FL

    I am having surgery in Boston on the 27th and will be away for at least 5 weeks. I had a lease lined up for my 3'6" hunter, but it has since fallen through and now I am looking for a temporary situation for him just to keep him exercised!

    The horse: 11 y.o. 17+ HH big bodied TB. Arguably the easiest, kindest boy you will ever meet! Auto everything, jumps around kicking quiet and on the buckle in a D-ring snaffle. He currently lives on my private farm, but I would be willing for him to go on a short-term free lease to the right situation. Super easy keeper, lives out 12+ hours a day. I minimally need someone to come hack him 3 days a week (your schedule would have to be a bit flexible as I don't want anyone riding on my property unsupervised and my manager works part time). Please email me if you're interested!
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    Mar. 14, 2004
    Left coast, left wing, left field

    Default Riderless horse near Redmond, WA

    I have a lovely mare who has been out on lease. She has learned barrels and is apparently pretty good at it! I on the other hand know nothing about games and such and am not the right rider to keep this horse fit (she is for sale). She is good on the trail too, and seriously, just W/T/C riding English would benefit her general fitness.

    This could work any number of ways... I would lease her out again. I would meet up at one of several nearby locations. After the initial meet and greet I'd probably be fine with having you take her to one of these locations as your schedule allowed (bringing her to/from our barn).

    She loves to please and loves to have a job and I don't want all the good stuff she has just learned to go to waste!

    Beautiful 12yo registered Paint, buckskin tobiano, about 15hh, stout. Starts out nervous but not spooky or reactive. Light and responsive -- would be great for showmanship or groundwork/liberty stuff too.
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    Jul. 10, 2010

    Default Horseless Rider in Stephenville, TX

    Hi! I'm a college student, a member of the Tarleton Equestrian Team, and I want to be able to ride more often. I would consider myself an advanced beginner rider, I know enough to be able to ride well, but when it comes to stuff like flying lead changes, training, etc... so I probably wouldn't do well on an absolute greenie, though I am capable of riding one.

    I have been told many times by multiple trainers that I have very soft hands, so no worries about me harming your horse.

    I would prefer english, but I'm wanting ride time more than anything, so I'd be willing to ride western if there's a place near enough.

    Also willing to do some barn work in exchange for ride time/lessons.

    I would prefer to not travel more than 45 minutes away from Stephenville, TX 76401.


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    Apr. 1, 2011

    Default Horseless rider in Marin Co, CA

    I just moved here, and I'm looking for an opportunity to ride but can't afford a lease. I left my own horse back in IN on a lease, and really miss riding! I am planning on finding a barn to train with, but can't afford more than once weekly lessons, and would love the opportunity to ride more than just in my lessons.

    I can ride greenies or young horses, but I won't ride problem or "crazy" horses. I have mostly ridden hunter/jumpers and used a dressage foundation for training my own horse. I would be happy just hacking out a horse for fun and exercise and not "train" while riding, if that is what is preferred. I will gladly send videos of my riding.


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    Jan. 20, 2010

    Default Riderless Horse- Woodbine MD

    WB gelding needs someone to ride him 2ish weekdays per week. Local show miles. Very sweet horse that can take a joke. Perfect hunter/EQ mount. Showing possible for the right person. Has shown up to 2'6, easily schools 3'+ at home. Walks down the lines with a super comfy canter. Boarded at a very nice barn with lighted indoor, 3 outdoor rings, and miles of trails and fields. Would ask you to help with the farrier but nothing major. PM for more information! Intermediate to advanced riders only please.

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    Aug. 14, 2012
    Not too far from the center of the political universe

    Default Riderless horse--16'3" Oldenburg for Alexandria/D.C.

    Half-lease coming available next month on big, fancy, strapping Oldenburg who could go dressage or hunter/jumper. Daisy-cutter mover, very flashy and extremely talented. Needs a confident intermediate to advanced rider because he's big and strong. Responds to light leg and seat aids and has a very soft mouth. Located extremely close to Old Town, Alexandria and Capitol Hill. Please PM for more info. Thanks!

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    May. 25, 2012

    Default Riderless horse - suburban Richmond, VA

    My child/husband/guest horse is sadly underutilized and needs a rider.

    11 year old, 14.3 hand, stocky, solid QH gelding, lovely, SAFE, well-broken, comfortable ride, suitable for most level riders. Adjusts beautifully to his rider's skill level, takes care of beginners, is forward and fun for better riders. Don't be put off by his height, he is big barreled and up to carrying weight.

    I would love someone to ride him on the farm, leg him up while tuning him during the week and perhaps ride out with me on the weekends.

    Please PM me for more details

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    Default Horseless Rider in DC

    Rider with 20 years experience looking to exercise horses in the DC area. Willing to work with a trainer as well.

    I live on capital hill and would like somewhere close. I have evented through novice and competed on the A circuit through level 4 jumpers. If you have a horse that needs exercising, please PM me.

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    Feb. 19, 2009

    Default Horseless Riders in Sacramento, CA

    posting for a friend...

    Husband and wife looking for two trail horses to ride in Sacramento area (north of I-80 preferably, like Elverta up to Granite Bay area). Need to be able to ride to trails as they are trailerless. Don't really care about arena time or lessons. Would be willing to work out a lease situation, just want to be able to trail ride together a couple times a week. Husband doesn't have a whole lot of riding experience, wife has ridden English pleasure since she was young.

    PM me if you know of anyone who might have a situation that could work for them. TIA!

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    Feb. 29, 2008

    Default Horseless Rider - NE TN

    Need to be ~30 mins. from Johnson City - weekends or if in the evenings have access to lighted arena or indoor, since I work til 5-5:30ish. Both of mine are on pasture retirement right now. I work weekly with a noted h/j trainer/MFH but it's not enough w/o additional saddle time. I'm just looking for something sane to flat and work on 2 point with, couple of times a week.

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    Feb. 28, 2005
    On the Maryland Side of the Beltway

    Default Riderless Horse - DC/Maryland Suburbs

    I work full time and I have an 8yo TB (unraced, but still on the greener side) in the Montgomery County area who could use an extra rider occasionally (1-2 weekdays + when I travel for work). He's primarily an eventer, but we board at a dressage barn - looking for someone to ride him outside in the field and get him out of the ring a bit, though we have an indoor available for dark/bad weather/etc. He's a good guy and a very flashy mover, though still green and not suitable for a beginner. Looking for a confident, experienced rider who likes the TB personality! PM me for more details
    ~Drafties Clique~Sprite's Mom~ASB-loving eventer~ ~

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    Mar. 27, 2011

    Default Horseless Rider in Roanoke, Va

    Intermediate rider with primary focus on dressage (some hunter experience) living in the Roanoke area. I am currently attending Hollins University and have been riding for about ten years. Please PM me for more information or if you have questions!
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