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    Quote Originally Posted by Kate66 View Post
    I am not sure that it is fair to come onto this board and start calling the father ignorant just for asking.
    Eh, he'll never know. He's probably on some other forum right now grousing about the crazy horse lady who didn't let his kid pet her horse.

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    Quote Originally Posted by sidepasser View Post
    Ah children - let's see if I can shed some light on these littles

    age 0-3 - Where's MOMMMY? Cry, barf, poop, diapers, run amuck, fall asleep in their plates..cute little beings when asleep.

    4-6 - I'm whiny, brave, adventurous, see me climb the tree? see me go pet horsie while you aren't watching? See MOM have heart attack. hard to control little creatures..

    7-10 - fearless larger beings that encounter multiple trips to doctors for scraps, bruises, and stepped on toes by horses. Want a PONEIGH puleeze, if you loved me you'd buy me a pony...

    11-13 - where's my? Every sentence begins with "where is my..crop, pad, blanket, bridle, boots, shoes, socks..sigh..

    13-21 - forget it - you are just stupid..after all teens know everything and there is no further need to understand anything they say, do or want..unless of course it is colored green and smells like money.

    In between you get moments of lucidity and must enjoy those moments because they are few and far between until one day..presto - you hear the "I wish I had listened to Mom when she said...."..


    kiddies are ok - I had three and survived, two were riders, one is a go get the horse and bring it to the stall and brush it type, now have 7 grandchildren and one is riding. I am happy with one riding, I don't have enough paddocks for all to have a

    I do think boys are easier than girls to raise, unless of course you get the girls a pony. Girls and ponies go together.
    Why bother? Kids give me hives most of the time. I share the sentiments of the OP. Screaming brats may not necessarily scare my horse, but they DO scare ME!

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