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    Default Antares v. Childeric?

    I apologize in advance for creating another saddle thread, but here goes: for those who have ridden in both brands, do these saddles fit and ride similarly? I ride in a Childeric now and love it, but it's showing its age and I may be interested in trying an Antares. Everyone seems to rave about them on here so I thought I would try and obtain feedback from riders who have owned or ridden in both saddles. Thanks!!
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    What do you do?

    Antares seems to suit bigger fences and a more Jumper style while Childeric is more all around and Hunter suited.

    Both are similar in the way they sit the horse with a wider cantle and padding under it to better distribute the weight but you might find the Antares is available with a little deeper seat...least that was the way I felt when I tried both

    Both exceptional choices. I didn't need the support for bigger fences and deeper seat and loved the Childeric. They both seem to fit a variety of horses with appropriate pad selection. Guess it boils down to your needs and personal preference.
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    I've ridden in both, and while I love the Antares for its comfort, it's really, well, THERE. It's like sitting on a really comfy couch; but you know its there, and can feel it's there.

    I have a Childeric, and it's both comfy and minimal. Knee blocks, comfy seat, with padding - but I can still feel the horse beneath me.

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    I believe that Childeric owns Antares, or at least designs some of the Antares saddle. Whatever it is I know there is a relation. I used to own a childeric and loved riding in it however it did not fit my horse at all. I agree with schune, the childeric wasn't bulky and had good contact. Just set it on your horse before you buy!

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