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    Default Help me find a good water heating system for a barn with bad well water

    Can someone advise the best type of waterheater for a barn with terrible water quality? High calcium that leaves deposits everywhere?

    I put in a flash-on-demand water heater, since I don't use a lot of hot water (wash maybe one -3 horses a month). Seems it got "clogged" up right away.

    I'm going to put in a simple water filter system, but can't do anything about the well-water. I can't afford to put a softener in the barn.

    Should I just expect the hot water heater to only last a few year?

    Anything else I can do to help?

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    I saw those 'on demand' heaters at a home renno show, and the dealer told me that it would not be suitable for untreated water (high calcium, magnesium, iron) because it would clog up with deposits too quickly. I guess you found this out the hard way. Too bad the dealer wasn't more up-front with you.

    You could put in a small hot water tank-type heater. Put a switch on it, so you only turn on the elements when you want hot water. It should last quite a few years, and only turning on the elements occasionally will certainly save electricity. The hot water heater in my house lasted 38 years! I do not soften or treat the water.

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