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    Default Winter Barn Clothes

    I'm taking a job as a barn manager starting next week. I'm looking to purchase some clothing for winter. I live in MA. I'd like to buy a nice jacket, boots, and some pants (for barn work, and for riding). Can anyone give suggestions? I'd like to keep the price range as low as possible, while still getting good quality products that will last.

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    Caharts, jackets and pants- coveralls. Lots of layers of clothing you can add/subtract during the day. Boots with steel shanks can be cold. Stock up on those hand/feet warming packs. Keep changes of at least warm socks in case you get wet feet , same with gloves. I.m dreading it, too. It didn't seem so bad in August, when summer finally arrived in NE, but now that it seems to be here-- brrrrrrr!

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    I live in my Muck Boots (it's a brand name, not just boots for yucky work ) all winter long. If you get good winter socks like Smart Wools or something your feet will be toasty. They are waterproof and insulated (neoprene). Also, I get the tall ones and tuck my pants into them so I don't get snow in my boots and also don't end up with frozen/wet lower pant legs.

    I have a few pairs of powerstretch polar fleece pants. They are smooth on the outside and soft and fleecy on the inside. Wind resistant and very warm. Also nice on my skin which can get sensitive in the cold winter months being outside much of the day.

    Any windproof/waterproof jacket will work for you. There are many options at LL Bean or Lands End that are reasonably priced. I usually go for one that is not too thick as I do layers underneath and I don't care for bulky poofy jackets when I am working.

    One thing I could not live without is the polar fleece lined Rancher SSG gloves. They are deerskin on the outside. I can do almost all tasks with them on because the deerskin is grippy and the gloves are not really bulky. I have two pairs, so if one gets wet I can put the others on while the first are drying. Each pair usually lasts me about 3 years.

    A good hat and one of those tube type neck scarves (don't want to deal with a regular scarf unwinding while working) and I'm good to go! I also have a Head Sock, which is great but I only use it is seriously frigid temps or when I am on our tractor moving snow in the winter. It'll cover your head and neck and you can make the face opening smaller or larger as needed... small enough so only your eyes are exposed, or eyes and nose, or your whole face, etc.
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    Winters are pretty mild where I live but I can't survive without goose down and GorTex in cold weather. Nothing is as warm. I can usually put on a turtle neck, sweatshirt, down vest and GorTex jacket (if it's raining) and I'm good to go. I'll throw on a down coat if the mornings are a bit frigid. I keep silk long johns around, but rarely have to wear them.

    I got a really cool hat from Lands End last year. Its fake suede on the outside and fake sherling on the inside. Comes down over my ears and it's waterproof. Really warm and I think it was only $15.

    I have to work with leather gloves, so I keep a couple of pairs in the barn in case one pair gets wet. I like the roper gloves for durability and grip.

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    Mar. 11, 2006
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    Winters are mild here but I am always freezing cold when the temps go below 50. I live in fleece or flannel lined jeans in the fall/ winter, I think DH got them from LL Bean or Lands End. Very warm but not so bulky that you can't move/ride in them. I am also partial to down....warmth without weight. My feet are always freezing, even with wool socks so I am interested to hear other folks suggestions to you!
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