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    Oct. 9, 2008

    Default Anyone want to Critique?

    Got some video of the pony and I in our lesson today. Any critiques are welcome. A little background info: I showed him as a Childrens Large Pony this year, he did great. Next year I have to move up into the Adults with a bigger horse, or I can show him in the C/A jumpers. Also, any tips to help with the lead changes to make them a little more solid would be great. If we aren't set up perfectly we end up missing our hind end for a few strides.


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    Mar. 18, 2007

    Default nice!

    I enjoyed your video, but your pony looks bored to tears by the height of the fences. Can he jump a pretty 3'3'' round? I bet so. Your size still looks fine on him. The big thing that needs work is your rhythm or pace, or whatever your instructor is calling it. There seems to be a little bit of rushing at the fences and the lead changes sometimes. It looks like pony's "whoa" is a bit lacking, and that and the pace thing are part of the lead change issue. You have to be super organized before you ask for a lead change and not expect him to just "auto-swap" in the corners. Asking for a half-halt before asking for the change would help fix this - a chance to collect and catch your breath, he his - and then a prettier, more rhythmical change would come. Lots of flat work - and this can be in fields and trail riding - and as much no stirrups as you can stand. This will help you breath,get you back over his center of gravity some, help him quit rushing, and help your confidence so that your anxiety doesn't stress him.

    He looks like so much fun to ride, I'd get him elevator shoes and do the A/As!

    If you go for the jumpers - all the above still applies - even more so because of the higher fences. Have fun!

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    Feb. 12, 2009
    Charlottesville, VA


    Your pony is cute!

    I agree with HiddenAcres - he looks like he could easily jump a bigger fence. His halt could use a little help (it looked like you need to the arena fence to help stop him).

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    Dec. 31, 2000
    El Paso, TX


    You aren't balancing him after the fence and asking for the change. It looks like you are just letting him try to change when he wants, and he isn't balanced enough/straight enough to get a clean change.

    Practice getting correct bend (even when he lands the it looks like he is kind of "falling in" on some corners, with his nose to the outside). If you learn to land, balance and ride your corners, you'll probably find that he'll do clean changes.

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    May. 18, 2009


    I noticed you had your horse bent to the outside through many of your turns and corners. You need to sit up, widen your hands a little and balance him with your inside leg to outside hand through the corners instead of letting him turn his head out and drop his shoulder in. Other that that I thought he was adorable and you have a lovely position and look like a soft rider.

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    Aug. 16, 2009


    Overall you're a pretty nice picture. The comments regarding the lead changes/halt I feel are correct, however, I would search to correct this problem starting with your position. You're riding in 'hunter mode' which is perfect and fine when you're showing hunters at a show. But when you're at home and schooling, I'd like to see your center of gravity a little further back on your pony with your leg underneath you instead of behind your seat. This would take the weight off his forehand and help him with his lead changes/halt and would put you in a stronger position. Think about pushing your legs down and in front of you a little and bringing your upper body back a little. Think about sinking into your tack.

    I start pretty much all my jumping sessions with a single fence followed by a halt. This gets the horse listening and lets you know what kind of horse you have underneath you that day. It also reminds them to listen to you on the landing side.

    Overall good job. Keep up the good work.

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