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    Default Temporary Fencing Options?

    My husband and I recently bought some horse property and built a barn. We had a fence company install 3 rail fence right off the stalls for 30' runs for the horses, but the quote to fence the entire pasture is waaay out of the question right now. What are some ideas for temporary horse fencing that my hubby and I could install ourselves? I just need a little space for the horses to get out this winter so they don't go crazy in the stall/run situation. We have an abundance of feed/farm supply stores in the area, so I'm looking for some advice and do's/don'ts on do-it-yourself fencing. In the spring we plan to fence the entire pasture with the wood 3 rail style (professionally done), but need something to get us thru the winter. Thanks!

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    I have used Horseguard electric tape (Bipolar version) to make temporary fencing that worked quite well. It can also be a permanent solution. I put up, took down and moved paddocks by myself quickly and easily.

    Their website:

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    Horseguard even has a temporary fence kit that is very affordable and effective enough as long as your horses are content to stay inside. I have a couple of retirees living out in a fence made with three kits full time. (Use t-posts or wood posts in the corners.)

    Nice thing is that even when you get your permanent fence, the horseguard is still useful for other temporary stuff, like getting some grass eaten down or separating out a new horse, etc.
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    I use the Horsegaurd electric tape in turnouts very successfully, once they associate it with a shock you can expect them to respect the white tape. In fact I often don't need to plug it in, they see the tape and give it a wide berth.

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