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    Default Spinoff from picky eaters: Putting water in the feed on a daily basis?

    My guy is a super picky eater. Right now he recieves 1 scoop (not actually sure of the exact weight) of Horsemans edge sweet feed (mixed with some oats---not my choice, just what the BO does). He also gets Smartflex III Ultra, Farrier's Formula Concentrate, and SmartDigest. I definitely have trouble getting him to eat all of his supplements. Im curious to see how he would do if I made his grain into a "soup" of sorts. Is it okay to add water to the horse's grain on a daily basis? I wasnt quite sure if it would upset his stomach or something.

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    Totally ok. Lots and lots of people do it for various reasons. A friend used to do it for one of her boys because he would sift his sups to the bottom of the bucket if it wasn't soaked. Never a bad thing to get a little extra water in their system!

    However, some picky horses are worse if it is wet. Some prefer mash to soup. Some prefer soup to mash. Some prefer just damp. Some may turn their nose up if it isn't warm water. You may have to experiment. Be prepared!

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    I've done it every single day twice a day for the past 10 years, and they are all still hooves down out there.

    It's actually a good thing to do--gets more water in to them, they eat slower and are far less likely to choke, and it stops the from sorting through the supplements. I make my mix quite soupy, not just damp.

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    It is definitely a good thing if they will eat their food wet. The wetter the better, in my opinion. I started doing this after a 50 day post-partum mare required colic surgery. I started doing it for her and it just seemed like a good idea to do it for everyone. I think it helps if you feed pellets because they really suck up the water and puff up. I think it is better that they suck up the water that you add, rather than all the liquid in the horse's digestive tract.
    Maryanne Nicpon
    Minglewood Sport Horses
    Ballston Spa, NY

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    If they won't eat the feed wet, you can add a squirt of oil and stir it in. It makes the supplements stick to the feed. I just wet mine down though. None of them have issues eating anything wet.

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