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    Default ebay gone wrong - advice?

    So, I bought a saddle from ebay. It is quite old but I already have a "version" of it so I thought that would work out fine. Before purchasing, I asked the seller, is the tree still good and sturdy. She said yes, it is. Ok, so I bought the saddle, it arrives here and the tree is broken. It squishes significantly when pressure is out on it front to back and I can see it on the underside of the gullet when I bend it too. So, essentially it's useless. Seller guarantees return under 14 days with notice, so I email that day and say I need to return, tree is broken. She says ok. Next day, before it has been sent back I get an email saying that the tree was fine before it shipped and they need to have the USPS come and inspect it for a claim so don't send it back yet. Personally, I really doubt it could have been broken during shipping, although the package was kinda squished. Was this a planned scam by her? I want my money back, what should I do?

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    Contact eBay, they have resources and avenues for this.
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    I had this experience for an ebay transaction,,,not a saddle, but a bread machine,,the box arrived crumpled and the machine had two dimple sized dents,,,I let the seller know and sent her pics of the machine and box,,the seller was refunded the money from ups and she in turn refunded my paypal.
    Now that I reread your email,,did you have insurance on the package?

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    You have no way of knowing if it was a planned scam or not. It could be.

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    If the package was shipped with insurance, the seller is going through the correct channels for reimbursement should USPS determine that damage was due to shipping. However, if USPS determines that damage was incurred in shipping but was due to insufficient/improper packaging, the seller will not have any basis for a claim. I hope you kept all packaging to present to USPS.

    I'm assuming you paid via PayPal, right? If so, I hope it was funded by a credit card because that will be easiest to get a refund if the seller proves difficult. I believe you have 45 days from date of sale to make a PayPal claim. As for making any claims through eBay, they're pretty much worthless (from what I've heard), even though PayPal is owned by eBay.

    Good luck with this; hopefully the seller will be responsible and do what is necessary to make this right so you won't have to.
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