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    May. 9, 2005
    Chattanooga, Tennessee

    Default Baby's Growing UP!

    Hey all, I haven't posted much about the baby I've been bringing along, but its time to brag on her! I got her last winter as a 2yr old (3 in April) and MAN she was homely! She is a 3yr old QH filly, apparently fairly nicely bred (though I don't know anything about QH breeding other than she has some Impressive, and she is N/N). She looked like a YAK, but was so kind and willing to try that we brought her home (bless my dh, that was my christmas present!) She wasn't halter brokebeen off the farm where she was born, and man her feet were interesting. But she figured everything out very quickly; if you show her what you want, she does her darndest to do it, including figuring out rudimentary leading and hopping in to a trailer for the first time in about 20min We've been slowly starting her, and our first ride was this week....and it was a trail ride! Our arena is under construction and with all of the rain there wasn't anywhere to hop on other than the 40acre hayfield, so I hopped up. Other than a slight bobble when she wanted to chase the tractor (her favorite hobby) we meandered around, trotted some, walked through a creek (that was belly deep), walked over tiny logs on the ground, and back up to the barn! I did have a ground person watching, but no leader horse and she just trucked along like she'd been ridden for years! I LOVE my filly! We're hoping to do some little hunter shows over the winter and then maybe do some starter stuff in the spring/summer
    And of!

    Shiver the day we brought her home

    Shiver after shedding and getting muscles

    Shiver showing off in tack

    I don't have any pics from our ride, but my future event horse is blooming Thanks for letting me share everyone!

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    That is so great! Congrats- a sane horse is such a welcome horse. And, she's pretty to boot (now...) For all that white? I've been using WOW- can get it thru Smartpak and boy, it's great!

    What a good girl she is!

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    May. 9, 2005
    Chattanooga, Tennessee


    I'm so lucky...she never really gets too dirty. She's getting BP and ricebran and she stays so darn shiny (no coat treatments) and it just brushes off! She's a trooper. Going for a "real" ride up the mountain today But not alone!

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