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    Default Oldenburg/ISR Inspection at Airdance Farm in Livermore, CA

    The first of what will hopefully be an annual inspection at Airdance Farm went well! I'll get to the important stuff first:

    First, we had an unofficial stallion inspection of a very nice 2yo. This was Ducati NN, who was by Don Frederico and out of Rohdiamond by Rohdiamant. As he was only two, he did not do the free jumping, and they do not release the scores (although I believe they may show them to the owners). Helmut Schrant was the inspector and his comments were something along the lines of "This is a very nice colt, his head and neck and topline are his strong points, he has good elasticity..." (Those weren't his exact words, but that was the gist of it). Then he stated the most important information: "Based on what we see here today, it would be well worth bringing him back next year!"

    So congratulations to co-owners Samantha Ellis of Secret Ambition Stables, and Natalie and Nicole Hays on passing the first step!!

    Next we had mares who there to be entered into the studbook. First was Dancing Synatra xx (Frankie). Frankie is very cute little gray who has a wonderful temperament (she'd like to be the barn greeter, if we didn't already have a cat working that position--17 yo Flash, aka Flashykatt, heh heh). She showed off her toe pointing hunter movement and even though she has some sort of pelvis injury, she made Main Mare Book with 99 points. Frankie has been owned by at least three different COTHers, lol, and currently has a home with COTHer Spacely.

    The second mare to be scored was Pirouette. Pirouette is Pablo/Galoubet/Fasolt, and was previously owned by Spacely and is now owned by me. Pirouette had a stifle injury as a foal and wasn't inspected or registered, so she had to do the foal markings as well. As she is not sound enough to move well, I was happy with her score of 97, which was enough for Main Mare Book.

    Next up were mares with foals. The first to go in this group was a 12yo TB mare named Costello's Dream xx by Costello out of Stan's Natalie. She made the Main Mare Book with 98 points. She is owned by Cindy Brees.

    She had a filly at her side, by Gray Fox Farm's Aloha. This filly, Andromeda, was only 30 days old, and looked even younger than that. She got everyone's vote for cutest foal, lol, and since she came in the morning of the day prior to the inspection, I had to foil multiple attempts to steal her. Everyone wanted her! Her "newness" slightly counted against her, she looked a little bit folded up still, so she juuuust missed getting Premium, with scores of 7.9, 8.0, 8.0. Andromeda is the only Aloha foal on the ground in North America, as all the rest are not due until 2010.

    Next was my mare Phantom Whisper xx, by Santana Sands out of Speed Chill Factor. She's a 1992 model, and has been a broodmare since her unsuccessful racing days (earned a total of $2200 in ELEVEN races, lol), and she very much looks like an older broodmare. Her claim to fame is that she's produced 2 jumpers and 1 eventer when her previous owners attempted to breed for racing. She made the Main Mare Book with 97 points.

    Her first warmblood foal is Worth Mentioning by Worthy Opponent. Although he will be liver chestnut and is therefore shedding out to a wonderfully weird blotchy chocolate/carmel swirl, he showed his stuff (and validated my decision to acquire and breed his mother!) by getting Premium! Helmut said, "This colt's name is Worth Mentioning, and I think his scores ARE Worth Mentioning!" He got 8.1, 8.1, 8.1.

    Next up was another Worthy Opponent colt, out of my thoroughbred mare Bodacious Cat. She has big, good looking offspring, but after two warmblood offspring I finally figured out (too late!) that her foals need to be inspected at 3 months. This colt was born looking a week old, and at not-quite 5 months was huge, already wearing a yearling halter, and had already entered a gawky stage. Comments were made that he would most likely have gotten Premium had he been inspected earlier--as it was, he got 7.9, 7.9, 7.9. And next year's foal will be inspected at a younger age, regardless of where I have to haul him or her!

    Next was a Worthy Opponent filly, owned by Jennifer Hartmann, called Western Sky. She is out of an Ivy, an Idol mare. This filly was lovely and although she had gone butt-high a week prior to the inspection (why do they DO that??), she was Premium with scores of 8.0, 8.0, 8.1. She was also the Champion Filly.

    Next up was a Bravo colt out of Chris Misita's mare Faunja/First Class. Faunja had produced Site Champions before, and did not disappoint us with this lovely colt. He was dark liver chestnut, like the color of bitter chocolate, and had high white stockings and a huge belly spot that ran up his side in a stripe. Very striking colt, he was Site Champion with 8.4, 8.4, 8.4. He was sold in utero and his owner lives in British Columbia, so she did not make the inspection, but should definitely be pleased with the results!

    Then we had, unusually, a whole string of orphans! First was Warbucks (anybody get the reference?) by Worthy Opponent. Daytons Delivery xx, his dam, prolapsed during delivery and he was trailered to Airdance at just a few hours of age. Although he is owned by Dana Estes, who owns Worthy Opponent, he was raised at Airdance and believes ME to be his mother . As he was slightly off that day, he was not officially scored but was registered and branded.

    Next was Peter Parker by Pointmaker, out of India by Idol. He had been orphaned around 3 months of age when his mother died in a freak accident while trotting in turnout. He had come to Airdance afterwords to live with other babies, and was then sold, so we were thrilled to see him again, and to see how big and well grown he was. As he was a yearling, he was not scored but was registered and branded.

    Last was Whatta Good Time, by Worthy Opponent out of Good Time Vadra xx. She was also orphaned at 3 months when her dam had an aneurysm and is co-owned by Dana Estes and Sandy Boling. Again, as a yearling, she was not scored but was registered and branded.

    Sorry for being so long and "chatty", lol!
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    Thanks for being a fabulous host Lisa! It was a great, albeit HOT (103 ) day.

    Here is a pic of the top colt by Bravo. I love a liver chestnut & this boy looks like he'll ba a dark liver. Yum!

    And an earlier pic of my mare. I didn't get any good ones from the inspection.

    Unfortunately, none of the other pics I took came out but the Aloha filly was fantastic! I can't wait to see his first full crop next year.

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    Thanks for mentioning Ducati! Natalie, Sam and I were very proud of him It was unfortunate that we didn't get to stick around and watch everyone else, but we didn't want to bake the little boy in the trailer either

    So cool that there was an Idol mare there! They are few and far between, and I absolutely love mine

    Great job everybody!


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    Apr. 28, 2008


    I also wish we could have stayed around, but like Nicole said, we wanted to get Ducati back home so we continue with the "good experiances" when trailering We were all SO proud of Ducati!

    Congrats to everyone!!

    Making Your Ambitions a Reality at Secret Ambition Stables.
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    Thank you Lisa for such a wonderful inspection. It was well organized and went very smoothly, especially for your very first one!! Deebs lunch was wonderful too.

    I have only two requests for next year: 1. You have to do something to control the weather! It was just way too hot. 2. The host shouldn't buy their own dinner and I regret not buying yours for you. So I owe you a dinner!

    Congratulations to everyone. Very well done!
    Chris Misita Home of Bravo and Warrick!
    To dare; progress comes at this price. All sublime conquests are, more or less, the rewards of daring.
    Victor Hugo

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    Here is the video we took of Ducati Once again, a great inspection!

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    Congrats everyone! That Bravo baby is a cutey. Congrats to the beautiful Ducati! Home of Redwine, Aloha, Federalist, Romantic Star and Rated R.

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    Wow, sounds like a phenomenal inspection - high scores and flattering comments all around! Congratulations all... and of course, congratulations Archie!

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