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    Default Yearling Joint-Height Growth??

    I have a yearling paint filly she is about 13.3 hands her butt is somewhat higher than her withers and she tends to be growing in spurts lately. We've been really focusing on keeping her toes straight as her two front feet are trying to toe in a bit. The last four months like three days a month she will get really sore, a little limpy off and on. She is also not as tall as I expected her to be. Also her joints every once in a while will pop and crack. To me this seems like something i should be concerned about. I'm starting to feel a little let down by her becuase she is starting to make me anxious about how she is going to turn out. Is there any suggestions to what might be causing this. Could she be limpy becuase she is growing and she sometimes gets a little sore, also should I change her grain. I am now feeding her Triple Crown Growth. She is perfectly healthy otherwise. Also do you thinking possibly uping her protein could help her grow more, or putting her on a joing supplement?? suggestions and ideas are welcome
    thanks !
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    You could try giving her something like OCD Pellets

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