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    Sep. 28, 2008

    Default Gnats are driving me Nuts!

    The gnat population here has been managable this whole summer until now! Now the gnats are horrible and just down right mean.

    These gnats are biting at the horses ears so much that i have a horse that is touchy about her ears being touch and she will rub on you now to just itch them off of her.

    I was wondering what is the best way to get rid of these pesky little demons? What fly spray works the best for you guys?
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    Jul. 18, 2004
    Red Bank, NJ


    I find that some sort of cream makes a barrier for the gnats. I've had good luck with GNatural- I heard it's not being made anymore so I'm hoarding my current stock Ear nets while riding and fly masks during turnout work as well. Good luck!

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    Jul. 15, 2003
    Brooksville, FL


    The gnats drive me gnuts also and they seem to get worse when we cut the grass. Someone told me that Noxema face cream is a good repellent, but I have not tried it yet. actually I think it was someone on this board that recommended it?
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    May. 3, 2006


    You need to give this a good read and then get the fly repellent.

    It works.

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    Sep. 4, 2004


    Absorbine Jr. works great on people to deter gnats, at least in this part of the country. Also, Avon Skin So Soft does a good job on horses ears as well as people. I dot my visor with the Absorbine and they stay away from my head. Absorbine works so well here in the midwest thatour local Walmart was sold out one spring due to its popularity as a gnat repellent. I was told that Vicks works pretty good on the horses too; ears and where their navel was on their underbelly but I have not tried Vicks.

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    Apr. 14, 2006
    Saco, Maine


    They are brutal here right now too. We were wondering if we've skewed the insect population by using fly predators this year so I'm glad to hear others have booming gnat populations too. I like fly masks and then to smear Desitin along the midlines. The boys come in with dead bugs stuck in the ointment! Eeew.

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