"As you teach this new language, your horse will be conditioned to respond correctly. Repeat those correct responses in sets of five to seven — not 10, 20, 30 or even more as I’ve seen so many trainers do. In fact, what happens to the horse’s brain with all those numerous repetitions is that the brain gets “flooded” and literally shuts down any possibility of learning. That’s certainly not the outcome we’re after.

If at any time the horse gives you an incorrect response without reaching the goal of at least five correct responses, go back to zero and start again. (Take a deep breath, relax, be patient and calm — anger or trying to speed up the process will always lead to disaster.)"

First of all, any training tool can be good, or bad, or indifferent, depending on the user.

As to the above- 'at least 5 correct responses...' boy, talk about setting a horse up for failure. Initially, I'm fine with 'one' correct response- ya done good horse, reward, go on to something else. I never ask for more than a couple of 'correct' responses on any given drill at one time, myself. If you've asked, and the horse has responded correctly, why keep doing it until he messes up?

My price is $349.99. But I throw in animal communication too, letting you know just exactly what your horse thinks of your training efforts.