3 Male Shorthair, 8 weeks old. All 3 are litterbox trained and eating dry food. Born and raised in my apartment so very friendly and would be better off inside probably but could adjust to a safe barn with other cats to teach them the ropes. They are weaned from Mom, little sister is already off to her new home and doing great.

Dodger - Grey tabby, a bit crazy and super playful, high energy, he really bonds well with other cats. Has become my other adult cat's new BFF.

Astro - Grey marble, another high energy and playful, but more independent. Will be a good only cat, apartment cat, doesn't mind chilling and entertaining himself, plays with cat toys only - a huge plus!

Diamond - all black with 2 white spots (one on chest, other on belly). The ultimate cuddler, lazy, rather sleep than play, biggest of the 3 boys. Purrs all day long if you let him. Will snuggle with other cats too!

My cat got out one night when I got home at 4am from work and I was too tired to pay attention, came home next morning knocked up. They are not in danger, but I have a smaller apartment and 5 full size cats won't work (I have another adult female). So they need to go while they are still little.

Located in Anderson, SC. Can meet in ATL or Charlotte, or other surrounding areas.