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    Default Bear attacks a kid's horse near Denver

    For those of you not from here, this happened pretty far east, in land that looks more like Kansas than Colorado. Look at the video- it's not mountainous, or even in the foothills. Not where I'd expect to see a bear meandering through corrals.
    The kid's horse is pretty darn cute, looks like a spit fire. Hope they take down that barbed wire. It could have been a lot worse if the horse didn't go after the bear, but got spooked and ran through the fence.

    See the video:

    Bear attacks horse in Aurora corral
    9NEWS.COM • SEPTEMBER 21, 2009

    AURORA - Kim Keck says her daughter's horse is usually the protective kind. She says he was doing his job when he had an encounter you rarely hear about.

    "He was probably protecting his other two and the one that got the brunt end of it," said Keck. "I hope he kicked that bear's butt."

    Her 10-year-old daughter Shyenne has been raising Cody at a private boarding facility near Buckley Air Force Base.

    "He's my best friend," said Shyenne. "He's pretty much my whole life."

    Cody nearly lost his life sometime early Friday morning when Division of Wildlife Officers say a 500-pound black bear ended up in Cody's corral.

    "We don't think at this time this bear is going to stay in that area or being going after livestock, it's a rare kind of situation," said Jennifer Churchill, Division of Wildlife spokesperson. "They may have just ran into each other and scared each other and had a little tear up there."

    Cody's veterinarian says he believes the horse will be OK. The horse has deep cuts on its neck and claw marks on its side.

    The horse is boarded at the home where the attack occurred. The homeowner found Cody with the injuries Friday morning.

    The Department of Wildlife says they believe there is no danger to area residents. Officials think the bear has gone back to its home.

    Officials say they believe the bear - horse incident happened early Friday, between 1 a.m. and 5 a.m.

    The DOW found paw prints along nearby Sand Creek that they believe to be from a young bear some leading toward the property and others leading away, toward the mountains.

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    Creeks are wildlife highways. My barn-side creek (Plum Creek) is loaded with ripe plums and chokecherries right now so horses get locked in stalls at night no matter the temperature.
    Comprehensive Equestrian Site Planning and Facility Design

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    The story didn't load for me, but we never leave young cattle alone in a pen, but with several others.
    Young cattle alone are fair game to a coyote, that will bring it down, eat on it and leave it there, for us to find, some times still alive, the next morning.

    The ways of nature are not very nice.
    I sure hope that the officials are right and that bear won't come back.

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