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    Aug. 15, 2004
    Central Maine

    Unhappy R.I.P. Little Tiger Kitty

    Biking on the way to the barn this morning I came across a young grey tiger cat lying in the road. Her head had been hit but there where no signs of her struggling so it was instantaneous and I do not think she suffered.

    I stopped and picked her up and laid her at the edge of the nearest driveway, she had no collar or tags. No one was home. When I got to work I called someone I know in the neighborhood and she will ask around.

    Said a prayer for the little kitty had had to go. It’s hard to bike when your eyes are tearing up

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    May. 8, 2004


    I am so sorry you came upon such a sad sight this morning. Poor little kitty. It was very kind of you to move her to the side of the road. That kind of thing really gets to me, too.

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    Dec. 13, 2001
    SE Virginia


    That was really nice of you to do. Whenever I see an animal that lost a battle with a car I always whisper an apology on behalf of all people. It's so sad to think that animal was once an amazing creature and man just took it out and more often than not never thought twice.
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    Sep. 5, 2005


    Poor kitty. Yesterday I saw a dead fox on the road near the soccer field - I know that fox, I've seen him for two years when I walk the dogs down there. He would be hunting the rabbits that lived along the embankment of the field. Made me very sad - a fox is a big animal - the driver must have been going REALLY fast on that residential street to not bother stopping.
    I realize that I'm generalizing here, but as is often the case when I generalize, I don't care. ~ Dave Barry

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    Aug. 22, 2005


    Quote Originally Posted by scotchie View Post
    Whenever I see an animal that lost a battle with a car I always whisper an apology on behalf of all people. It's so sad to think that animal was once an amazing creature and man just took it out and more often than not never thought twice.
    That's not a fair or reasonable way to look at it. It's sad and unfortunate, but it's not always (or maybe even rarely is) a result of human character flaw.

    Sometimes animal and car are both in the same place at the same time and there isn't time for either the animal or the car driver to do anything about it. It's not like most people who hit animals go around looking to "just [take] it out" without a second thought.

    Sometimes the animals just make poor choices in their evasive tactics. The other day, I almost ran over one of my own cats in my own driveway (it's a long driveway) when she bolted away from my vehicle, then for some reason all of a sudden cut back right in front of me.

    A few days earlier, I slammed on my brakes as one deer crossed the road in front of me, as a second deer following swerved back the way they'd come. First deer went bouncing along in the ditch in front of me, looking like it was maybe going to cut back across the highway. I had just turned out on to the highway off a gravel road and wasn't yet up to highway speed. Had I been, I don't know that I would have been able to stop. A couple days after that, there was a dead deer on the shoulder at that very spot.

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    Jan. 17, 2008


    Only you G&B would write a reply defending the fox flattener. You are so off side.

    Most people I see driving down the road are on their phones, having a smoke and drinking a Starbucks. Sucks that people can't just f'n drive their car since most seem to find that challenge enough on it's own. They drive into each other at an alarming rate so small (or large) animals hardly stand a chance.

    Anyhoo....I saw a big brown hound on the side of the road this morning. Poor guy, hope it was quick. I too always say an apology from my fellow man when I see road kill.

    God Speed to kitty and hound dog.
    "look deep into his pedigree. Look for the name of a one-of-a-kind horse who lends to his kin a fierce tenacity, a will of iron, a look of eagles. Look & know that Slew is still very much with us."

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    Feb. 19, 2009


    true that a lot of drivers just aren't paying attention. I've narrowly avoided being hit in my car by these people so forget about something small and furry.

    This actually reminds me about the other night...I was driving home at night, and driving slowly up a hill because a few years back I had gotten in an accident a few years back in the area. Fortunately I was paying attention because a little black and white dog came bounding out infront of my car. I slam on the brakes, look over and there is the owner! Who lets their little dog off leash at 10 o'clock at night on a fairly traveled residential street? Lucky her I do pay attention and try my best to brake for animals.

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    Dec. 31, 2002


    I always whisper an apology too
    At least it sounds like it was instantaneous for the poor kitty and she hopefully didn't suffer.
    In my opinion, a horse is the animal to have. 1300 pounds of raw muscle, power, grace, and sweat between your legs - it's something you just can't get from a pet hamster.

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    Jun. 25, 2004

    Default Somewhat apples vs oranges

    My commute is about 1/3 2 lane highway in largely rural SC. I am driving anywhere from 45 - 60 mph, depending on posted speeds and dodge all sorts of domestic & wild-life daily. As the winter approaches deer will be out & about during my commute hours.
    I did have a collison with a small hound several years ago, as he was determined to 'catch' my car and ran headlong into the hub of the front tire. I moved his body to the side of the road & called the owner when I got to work. Last year I pu a yellow tiger kitty who had been 'grazed' by passing vehicle. Took him to the vet the next AM, paid for meds to give him a chance & when that did not work, paid for him to be PTS. He is buried on our property.

    True, some do not care BUT it is hard to stop for a small animall when you have another car sitting on your back bumper or to swerve into the other lane with oncoming traffic. I love animals and am in a deep funk when the stupid squirrel, field mouse, or rabbit is too slow or can't make up their mind in the middle of the road, I just value my life and the animals I am responsible for more.

    Sorry your morning started that way. How kind of you to move the critter to the side of the road in case someone was looking for it.
    "Never do anything that you have to explain twice to the paramedics."
    Courtesy my cousin Tim

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    Oct. 3, 2002
    it's not the edge of the earth, but you can see it from here



    thank you for stopping and moving her and giving her dignity.
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    Jan. 5, 2003
    New York/New Jersey


    Poor little thing - thank you for stopping. RIP little tiger kitty.
    She wasn't running away with me, I just couldn't stop her!

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    Jul. 15, 2008
    East Coast


    We all know that sometimes hitting an animal can be unavoidable. The gripe I have is for the people that choose not to even stop to move it off the road. Especially a dog or cat that may have identification. I can't tell you the number of times I have moved recently hit animals off the road. I stop to help the turtles cross the road too!!
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    Nov. 24, 2002
    Northern KY

    Default as much as I love disagreeing w/g&bs

    We live on a dead end road. One and a half lanes, the entire road is about 3 miles if that with 15 farms. Careful drivers, no one speeding. We have, apparently, suicidal deer in our area as two of them have been killed this year by leaping out in front of moving cars that they could plainly see. We're talking hit by a 70 year old man who crawls down the road at 5 am in the morning, and one who flung itself in front of the rear wheel of my husband's dually. Major car damage, two dead deer. We also have, the best buzzards around as both carcasses were picked to bare bones in less than four days.

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    Dec. 14, 2002

    Unhappy ...

    ~ RIP sweet little tiger kitty ~

    Yours in sport,

    I'm out of my mind, but feel free to leave a message...
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    Dec. 12, 2007


    Sorry to hear of this little guy's fate, but in an effort to keep this forum a bit more closely focused on farm-related threads vs. general dog/cat threads, we're going to close it.

    RIP little one!
    Mod 1

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