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    Default Hills Prescription T/D dog food

    Let me start by saying I DO NOT feed this to my dog as his regular ration. I rely on SmartPak to provide him with his daily kibble. However, I do use the Hills as his "treats", since they are a large kibble. I just spent $58 for a 20 or 25lbs bag, and would really like to find an alternative. If I buy the el-cheapo dog biscuits, my husband feeds them to the dog almost non stop. I've spent 11 years trying to get my husband to stop treating the dog, but it's not going to happen - so please don't suggest it. I've given him all of the arguments against treats, table scraps, etc. and he knows that I know what I'm talking about. The one good thing about $58 treats, my husband does feed less of them.

    Are there any other brands of dog food that offer a large sized kibble comparable in size to the Hills T/D?
    My dog refuses to eat carrots - so that's not an option either.

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    There is no other diet on the market that works like t/d. It is a great treat because it is large, and because of the high fiber, it is low in calories. You can use science diet oral care. It has the same patented fiber matrix technology as t/d, as well as the veterinary health councel seal of approval. The kibbles are only slightly smaller, it is less expensive, and most large format pet stores carry it.

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    My vet just has me put three nuggets in my dog's food morning and night, and use regular food otherwise. Some dogs just get gunkier teeth than others, one I had that had a lot of tartar buildup had stickier saliva than any other dog I've had. ANd some breeds have really bad teeth (mostly toy dogs I think).
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    Wow, I bet a 25 pound bag lasts you quite a while. I got a 5# bag ~4 months ago and am just now finishing it off--my lab gets 2 kibbles on her breakfast and her dinner and a kibble occasionally as a treat. I think the 5# bag cost around $20. Not too bad--in fact, a lot less expensive than buying 5# of biscuits! I generally feed CET chews as her evening snack though, not the T/D.

    Iams also has dental protection in their foods, so you could try their biscuits--In fact, I'd imagine that any large dog biscuit would have a similar effect due to size, but might also have higher calories.

    I'd honestly say that for 25# of treats, you're probably getting a pretty good deal--you'd be hard pressed to find another high quality (at least in my mind--I know others disagree) treat for that price.

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