I think that since I live in NorCal, that most of the help I get will be from the NorCal gang. Put your thinking caps on, kids.

So, I decided that I would like to find out about my horse's past history. I hope this community can provide me with a little help. It's project I put off for many years for fear of some of the things I might hear, but I finally decided I need to know what happened to him in the past.

My horse is a 16.3 grey named Shiloh. I was told when I bought him he was a TB and he had been on the hunter/jumper circuit for awhile and that his name had been George. I bought him from a woman named Anne in Gilroy and she told me she bought him from a girl named Crystal Batey. Someone told me Crystal rode with Terry Weigart for awhile.

I have contact info for Terry Weigart (now Urquhart, I believe) but no one has been able to provide any contact info for Crystal. For all I know, I'm probably not even spelling her name right. I would love to talk to her about him.

As far as Terry, I have no idea how to approach her. How do you approach your horse's former trainer? I also understand that Terry can be a bit of a personality so not sure best way to handle that.

I would love to hear where my horse has been and what he did. I also understand that it may not be all good info, so I am prepared to hear the good as well as the bad. For all I know, he isn't even a TB but I don't care about that.

I hope that someone out there can give me the keys to unlock his past. Email me or PM if you want to remain confidential. Thank you!