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    Default How much light is in a lumen? (Yard light factor)

    I've been using ordinary 150 watt (1650 lumens, 2000 hours) outdoor floodlight bulbs in my yard lights.

    But when I went to stock up on bulbs for the winter, all I could find (in two "big box stores") was Halogen 100 watt outdoor floodlights (1500 lumens, 2000 hours).

    How much difference is 150 less lumens going to make? Should I use the Halogens in areas where light doesn't have to reach so far?

    Any other pros/cons of Halogen, other than they cost more than the others did?

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    IME, you will find it dim. We noticed a real difference when we switched from 1000 lm bulbs to 1200 lm bulbs in our stalls. ( we use compact fluorescents tho)Much brighter!
    Halogens usually last longer and use less electricity for the same amount of light, than ordinary incandescent floodlights. I don't know why the ones you bought are only rated 2000 hrs.
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    A lumen is the light of one candle. (the word luminaire is derived from it).

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    You'd have to do a side-by-side comparison to notice the difference. There's usually a +/- 5% tolerance (or more) on light output because of manufacturing variations.
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