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    Default Introducing new kitten to in house dogs

    A kitten recently adopted me-she was walking along my creek in very skinny condition.

    She has been vet checked and will be fine. Just needs some love and food.

    So...I now have an indoor kitty for the first time in about 3 years.

    Zack, my 9yo aussie grew up with cats. Zorro, my 2 yo has not.

    Both are FINE with the barn kitties but one INSIDE is too very exciting.

    For now, she is settled in a bathroom for 2-3 days.

    So, I have never been in this backwards situation where dogs are here and kitty is new.

    What is the safest way for them to meet her and get used to her?

    I thought of leaving her free and leashing them...or crating them and letting her see them?

    BUT I don't want to set up an environment where they are aggressive.

    Today I had them in down/stays and held at least each knows the other exists-but that really amps the dogs a bit.

    She is about 6 months old and only 4lbs-so not very sturdy just yet. She is likely part ragdoll (according to vet and several cat savvy friends)-and I have read they are not likely to defend themselves.

    Both dogs live very quietly with all the outside kitties-even groom on them so long term I am sure it will settle in fine.

    BUT the introductions....could use some tips.

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    It's up to you as to who you think will get more bent out of shape over the introduction. Somebody goes in a crate while the other investigates... who goes in is up to you.
    your dogs are very well behaved/trained i would do a crate introduction, and then supervise interaction for the first week. someone elses dogs i'd likely have different advice.

    Hey, i have a border colliex and a borzoi in a house with cats, and no one has been eaten. it can be done.
    chaque pas est fait ensemble

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    I wouldn't leave her alone with them for a long time. In her condition, they might find her easy prey and dogs will follow one or the other's lead. Since one is used to cats, you might try allowing the kitten to roam around with you sitting in a chair with the inexperienced dog beside you and an eye on the more experienced dog. Hopefully, the one used to a cat in the house will just get acquainted, but she would bear watching as she might feel it's an invasion of her space. Staying quiet and setting an example will hopefully be a successful way to integrate your new pet. The dogs' behavior as she is introduced will clue you in as to what to expect and how to handle them. If it gets sticky, pm me, I have a wonderful dog trainer/behaviorist who I'll ask about it.

    Good luck -- my cats are sacred so I hope all works well!

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    I introduced my ferrets to my dogs in room with a door. That way if the dog showed any unacceptable behavior I removed it from the room. My dogs (a Rotti/Lab mix and a Chow/Shepard mix) learned very quickly that if they wanted to be in the room with me then they had to behave. Their desire to stay was stronger than messing with my new baby ferrets. I also had them sit next to me and petted them while the ferrets ran loose. They got told how good they were when they ignored the wee beasties and got piggy ears to chew on as a distraction.

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