Ok folks, I need a little push. Or a bridge back to sanity.

So I have 3 fantastic horses that live at home with me. One will be put on the market soon, and as we all know selling horses is very unpredictable now, but I'm in no rush to have her leave so its not a need to be sold situation by any means. I'm happy to have her as long as she stays, but I was secretly hoping to get my # down to 2. BUT...

I was perusing ads online the other day (on a small local site, not much traffic normally), purely for fun of course... wink wink... and I come across an ad for a yearling by a stallion that I am truly in love with. I love his babies, and the good mind he gives to them. If I were to ever breed my mare, it would be to him. But since there are so many horses out there that need homes, and so many nice youngsters out there, I wasn't ready to jump into that. His babies sell upwards of 8-10k+, which is out of my price range right now. However, said yearling is typey, very cute, moves like a dream, and is being sold for a very low price (within my range) as seller needs to get her and a few others moved. Said yearling has no registrations however which is keeping her price down, but I could present her to AWS next year (missed out on that Oldenburg registration.. sad..)

My 1 pasture is 4 acres, and everyone stays outside 24/7. There is a good babysitter in the group, I'm just a little worried about feeding time.. I've got the 3 trained now well to go to their buckets and eat their own food, and by the time the others are done the alpha is still finishing up, so it's a good system. I'm just a little concerned about tossing a youngster in the mix. Do I wait until I sell my other horse?