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    May. 15, 2006

    Default Do you recognize these vehicles?

    Waiting for my new (to me) harness for my ponies to clear Customs, i was browsing Ebay driving items. These two vehicles are posted on EBay, with good clear pictures. Does anyone hve one, and what do you all think of them?

    Here are the Item numbers and the information given:

    Horse Carriage 2-Wheel Gig Buggy Item 320422023642
    # Adjustable shock absorption system under seat designed for a comfortable ride
    # Back and side padded rails on seat provides for a secure sitting
    # Adjustable pole length to fit a pony or a horse
    # Seat height from ground: 39.5"
    # Seat width: 42.5"
    # Seat depth: 16"
    # Weight bearing 330 lbs
    # Track width wheel side-to-side 49", wheel center-to-center 46.5", wheel diameter 29.5"
    # Aluminum alloy wheels

    Marathon Carriage Pair Team Horse Pony 4-Wheel Buggy Item 320422026072
    Manufactured by Pacific Rim International, Inc.

    Is this the "Pacific Carriage" that I have seen discussed here?

    Edited to say: If anyone can attache the photos here, please feel free to do so - I don't know how or if it is appropriate.

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    Jan. 3, 2006
    Morriston, FL


    Neither one is a Pacific carriage. They look like Polish imports of some kind judging from the seat on the marathon carriage.

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    Mar. 26, 2008
    Alberta Canada


    I believe with a name like Pacific Rim Manufacturing you will find they are Chinese copy's.
    Richard Holyoak
    Diamond H Carriages

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    Jun. 28, 2003


    This is the pacific carriage that people talk about a lot

    the GIG from ebay looks like it is trying to be the Kuhnle funline 2-wheel
    the 4-wheel is a heavy pair of 4s vehicle so no way would they be interchangeable for a single horse

    Id agree and guess that they are Asian copies of german or polish vehicles

    interesting to look at, though. And depending on your ultimate use, could be something to consider

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    May. 21, 2008


    I live around the corner from the Pacific Carriage maker, and those aren't them! They look like Glinkowski knockoffs.

    EVERYONE here where I live drives a PC. And I'm thinking to get an Eagle. LOL

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    Nov. 11, 2007
    Wedge seat, Windsor SC


    I spoke with the guy that's selling these a while ago. They are from China, there the same carriages Lee Mack was offering for sale. I have not driven one & don't know of anyone with one, so I can't tell you much about them.

    Tandem Hill Farm
    Tandem Hill Farm

    Robert j Chambers on Facebook

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