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    Feb. 13, 2007
    Down on the Farm

    Default Hunt Bridle

    Could this possibly be real leather? I'm thinking yes, but from what animal?

    I guess for $40 you could trash it if it were too horrible.

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    Nov. 26, 2003
    NE FL


    Well, there are stirrup leathers on that page with it that says it's buffalo.
    I have a few pieces of tack that are buffalo and you are going to get what you pay for.
    They look and feel like cardboard.
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    Pedro Guest

    Default Hunt Bridle

    I have been using tack made of Buffalo leather for several years and never found any item like Card Board.Of course, buffalo leather has tough texture and needs little more Oil to soak.But with use and oiling,the leather becomes soft and supple.Most of the buffalo leather is as useful as Cow leather except the cost of Cow leather being much higher.

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    Sep. 28, 2003
    Wildwood, MO USA


    When they say buffalo they mean water buffalo. We're talking Asia here. It does feel like cardboard. I had a girth made from it when I lived in the Philippines.
    -Painted Wings

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    Oct. 1, 2005
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    Hmmm. I bought a $20 flat bridle from Gayer's Saddlery on Fairfax Circle (VA) in oh, late 70s (so adjusted for inflation, what, $60 now?). Stiff, yeah. But it outlasted my real good leather by decades. Cheap leather is like cheap horses- indestructible. Has something to do with Murphy's Law, maybe.

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    May. 25, 2003
    Orlean, Virginia

    Thumbs up Likes it!

    As long as it looks good and is serviceable, why not!?? Cheaper tack has it's place IMHO. On a hot, slimy, sweaty, buggy cubbing morning; I feel good knowing I haven't gummed up or flysprayed my best bridle. Or a rainy morning? It just needs to be well oiled as the pores in cheaper leather are usually larger. This one looks fine to me....I'd buy it! So what if it only lasts a coupla years! I like new stuff!! For this price you could have a new bridle every year! Yup! works for me!

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