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    Default Barn/foaling camera

    I'm looking to install 4 cameras in my barn (infared) and would like to connect them to the internet as web cams so they can be viewed even when no one is home. We have wireless internet in the house but the house is 500 feet from the barn. Can anyone suggest a system or a dealer to go through? I've found a lot of wireless cameras to the a monitor in the house but nothing to the internet.


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    I can't help you, but I'm sure the folks at Marestare would be able to.

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    Check on Sport Horse Breeding--there have been lots of threads on this topic in the past, you might have to do some searching as it always seems to pop up during foaling season. There are even websites that host this kind of service for you.

    I have an ancient (bought it in 1999) Radio Shack camera that I used when I was on foal watch for Bonnie--dredged it up out of the basement 2 years ago when my pony was due, and that old thing worked GREAT even though the receiver/TV was in my bedroom and the camera was 600 feet away in the barn!

    ETA, marestare was the site I was thinking of, thanks Leather.
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