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    Feb. 16, 2008

    Default Help...My horse's mane is falling out

    My horse is losing hair from his mane in a section about 3 inches long. I have been washing his mane with antifungal shampoo and treating it with MTG and with a cream called Quadritop (spelling?). But I feel like I am losing the battle.

    In general his coat, mane and tail look healthy. He is not rubbing his mane as far as I can tell.

    Any suggestions?

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    Feb. 23, 2008


    Are you sure he isn't reaching through the fence to graze? That always makes a bare or short spot where the neck presses against the board. If you have board fence.

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    Jan. 17, 2008



    Ok, first-stop using the MTG. As in, toss it out.
    Make sure you are washing that shampoo out COMPLETELY. Which shampoo are you using? Microtek?
    Stop the creme.

    How do I know? My horse had a beautiful 20" or so long mane that I took care of VERY well.

    I put MTG on it a few days after using a conditioner.


    Mostly concentated in one area, like yours, but out it came. So I washed the mane and loosely braided it to allow the hairline to breathe.

    A braid FELL OUT. Roots and all.

    I roached his mane right off. Like that day.

    It continued to be very flakey and dry in the hairline for about a week or so, it was very itchy.

    Several things-you arent supposed to mix MTG with ANYTHING. And I mean anything. Which I found out the hard way (LOL). Betadine, shampoo, creme, conditioner, showsheen-nothing. And I was a long time user of MTG.
    That antifungal creme wont do anything. My vet gave me one. It made the bald spots puff up and irritate. Put that away.

    I hate to say it but your best bet is to just roach the mane and be done with it. It will grow back (my horses is about 4" at this point, I roached it the end of July). Yes, I was sad to see the wonderful mane go...but he certainly appreciated not trying to rub and itch it!!
    Good luck, I feel your pain!!!

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    Sep. 5, 2007


    MTG is also a no-no for my mare . . . luckily I had only used it in a very small area.

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