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    Default Any experience with bone spurs in ankle area?

    One of my horses developed a small, hard lump about the size of a marble on the inside of the fetlock. Horse never took a lame step and didn't respond to palpation or manipulation.

    I had the vet come out anyway and she did some x-rays.

    She says that it is a bone spur (enthesiophyte) on the side of the sesamoid and the ligament that covers it has formed the lump. I guess sort of calcified over it.

    Says that as long as it doesn't bother the horse it is okay to just leave it alone. Also thinks that it came from sort of injury to the area rather than arthritic changes. Said to protect the fetlock from further injury.

    Anyone ever had experience with lower leg bone spurs and what did you do for them and did they get worse?

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    Montana has a pretty significant bone spur on the outside of his left front fetlock, right at the insertion point of the joint capsule. He developed it early this spring. As with your horse, the vet feels that it was due to trauma of some sort and not just arthritic changes. In his case, though, he was quite lame and had a bit of heat and swelling in the joint. We injected him in mid-May, and he has been going well since then. We did drop him down to the 2'6" divisions (from 3' hunters and eq), and I only jump him every 2-3 weeks when we're not showing - which I try to limit to once a month or less.

    Good luck with your guy!

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    Mar. 21, 2000


    Did you inject HA into the joint? Was he lame before?

    And oh crap - my horse is supposed to be a high A/O horse at the least. This horse is such a klutz. Always seems to be hurting herself.

    Thanks. I'm going to ask the vet if injections would help at all.

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