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    Aug. 11, 2008

    Default Anyone have 2 horse Trailer and ship backwards?

    I am (finally) ordering my new Hawk Gooseneck. I am SOOO excited about it. Its a 2 horse straight load, but one of the options I decided to do was making it convertable so the horses can ride facing forward (normal) or in the opposite of the direction you are going (backwards).

    My mare hurt herself and my steel Jackson in a kicking fit a few months ago so I decided since I was already making the investment I would go for a rig that gave be the utmost flexibility. I can also make it a big box stall and have a side load ramp.

    I am wondering if anyone else has one of these trailers either where the horses always ride backwards or where you can switch.

    I am super excited about getting it.

    God help the princess if she isn't happy in this one Well I think what she really wanted was company, but this should do it.

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    Jun. 10, 2008
    Southern by the grace of God


    Have you ever noticed, when your driving down the road, that horses that are left untied in the trailer will naturally face the rear? If you haven't seen this, it is true.

    My mom and I had a custom trailer built (and many people in Texas do too) called a reverse slant where they load on and move their hips to the front, so their faced towards the rear and can walk off forward. I love this trailer and the horses enjoyed the ride as well. Can't say enough of being able to let the horses face the rear.

    I have not put them in a 2 horse staight load to face the rear though. As long as they can't stick their heads out the back, and it is safe for the horse, I would do it. My horse won't come off the trailer backwards unless is is doing mach 10, so I had to get another trailer (on top of the reverese slant b/c that trailer has LQ and midtack) that had a side ramp to have the ability to walk him off forward.

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    Mar. 24, 2009


    I would be real interested to hear the answers also. I am drawing up my wish list for pricing out a Hawk this fall. I did not know that a trailer could be made to be convertible front to rear facing. Thanks for the tip!

    I am amiss that the hawk website does not show nor price out options. The best place to get to see these trailers, esp the 2+1's, is at a combined driving event in the parking lot. I am intriqued with their flexibility and usefulness - room for a buggy, a scooter, or a golf cart, 4 wheeler - 3 horses- or two broodmares and foals. Or just the extra room for all of your stuff! or a place to put the kids on cots. One lady had her dogs contained with a gate on the box stall door and everyone looked happy.

    Can the ramps come spring assisted? Can the dressing room be insulated? or we can do that ourselves. I also want 3 extra feet on the dressing room and a screen camper door and an awning.

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    Mar. 9, 2009
    SE VA


    When I looked at trailers last year my favorite was the Turnbow reverse slant. I thought that 2 + 1 model Hawk I think you're getting was designed for forwards or backwards hauling. . . ?? THAT would have been my favorite design if I was going for a larger trailer, as I was told you could do either forwards or backwards in the straight stalls and then there was the box stall option.

    Yes, they do like to ride backwards. If I had the option to haul them backwards I sure would!

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    Feb. 25, 2005


    I use my Cotner as a box stall. It is a stock trailer, with a removable divider, so I can choose to use 2 slant stalls, or the box stall. My horses much prefer the box stall configuration and always ride back to front if left untied. Every other person I know who does this has the same result and there are some long distance commercial haulers who insist on hauling this way b/c the horses arrive in better shape - the argument being that they suffer less muscular stress by not having had their heads tied and being in a position to find their own balance. Being able to unload front first is also a big plus - I've never (knock on wood) had to deal with the obnoxious behavior or related injuries that you often see backing them out.

    You will just have to try your trailer out in its various configurations to see what you like best - but my guess is that you will love having the options, and that your preference will depend on which horse you are traveling with. Now that I've had the options, I would not go back to a regular straight load.
    Treat Jockey for Spellbound and Smidgeon

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    Dec. 5, 2001


    I have a Hawk with box stall conversion. When hauled untied in the box my horse spins around and around and around.........he never ever sits still. Its a bit nerve wracking for me to haul a horse that's spinning in circles as I slowly brake and turn right down a steep hillside. So I keep him in the (forward facing) straight stall.

    So Not every horse will turn around and quietly face backwards in a box stall.

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    Mar. 23, 2000
    Wayne, IL USA


    Quote Originally Posted by babecakes View Post
    Can the ramps come spring assisted? Can the dressing room be insulated? or we can do that ourselves. I also want 3 extra feet on the dressing room and a screen camper door and an awning.

    I have a Hawk two-horse, straight load with LQ. My ramp is spring-assisted, there is a screen door on the LQ, and I have a nice awning that is very easy to operate. You can probably get your trailer set up any way you would like.

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    May. 15, 2006
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    I have a two-horse stock trailer. When I just haul my horse I remove the divider and leave him loose. He always turns around and faces backward within a minute or so of loading.

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