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    Jul. 14, 2006

    Default Best Labor Day ever.....

    I was thinking last night that my holiday weekend was anything but. It rained a good part of the day on Saturday and was miserably muggy on Sunday, causing my allergies to go beserk. I have 2 presentations for my graduate program in the next week. One is a public seminar, the other is in front of a committee of profs who will decide if I'm making "adequate academic progress" and can graduate next year if all goes well in my research in the next 6 months. So I spent most of the weekend working and between that and the weather it was not much of a holiday. Last night, after (finally!) finishing the assorted ppts and written report, I headed out to the barn to take a break and celebrate my accomplishment of being way ahead of schedule. This time, I won't be frantically putting stuff together the night before the talk.....

    At my stable, the barn and parking spots are located on top of a hill and Pixie's pasture is at the bottom of the hill. I'm walking down the hill and Pixie spots me and WHINNIES. LOUDLY. REPEATEDLY before trotting to the gate.

    I've had Pixie with me at school for 2 years and this is the first time I've gotten the "Mom!!! You're HERE! YAY!" whinny. In fact, she barely "talks" to anyone, horse or human, and her typical whinny is a high pitched, breathy "baby" whinny that almost dies before it ends. So last night, it took me a couple seconds to realize that it was MY horse making this deep resonant whinny, because it was so out of character.

    It's been a long road with Ms. Pixie. Regular COTHers know about my challenges getting her respect on the ground, her tendon laceration misadventure in summer 2008, the mystery lameness in the spring (resolved with a switch to 24/7 turnout), the minor 1.5 inch cut a few months ago that turned into another crisis. It's just always one thing after another. All along, she's been somewhat aloof and never very affectionate except when she's in season(though always happy to take treats from me). I just figured that she wasn't a cuddly type horse and I can understand that, since I'm a little reserved myself. Well, it turns out she's just slow to warm up.

    I was so happy last night I got tears in my eyes. Who cares that I spent my 3 day weekend working? I got a whinny!
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    That's awesome! Understand totally--my first horse, Fudge, even knew the sight of my
    car. Often, I would pull in and he would be waiting at the gate. He quickly learned if I
    called him, the other horses would come running so he would mosey away from the herd
    and when out of their eyesight, come running. He also knew the sound of my footsteps
    in the barn aisle and would stick his head over the door, whinnying, before my saying anything. It's been four years since he crossed the bridge and still miss his greetings.

    May you have many more Pixie greetings!

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    And only we could understand and appreciate - AWESOME!!!
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    Oct. 30, 2008


    That's awesome! I'll never forget the first time my Gus saw me and stopped munching grass to march (and yes, I mean MARCH!) across the field for snuggles. That's the best feeling!

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