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    Quote Originally Posted by dalpal View Post
    I've had runners, basically run me off the sidewalk walking the dog here in the city as well. My husband got into a shouting match with a man one afternoon. We were walking the dogs...jogger/runner rounds the corner...being polite and courtesy, I step in single file behind my husband and we used one side of the walk......runner will not move to the other side....and he ended up slamming into my husband..then proceeded to yell at my husband. Well, husband is an engineer...and if you are married to one, you know what I mean. So it was ugly for about one minute and the jogger continued down the sidewalk.

    I actually had a woman WALKING slam into me in the same scenerio....I moved to one side with the dog and she just continued barreling towards me and slammed into me shoulders and all...then huffed and puffed for me being in her way.

    We live in a very rude, self centered society, that's for sure.
    Are you sure you weren't in Paris (France)?! That type of "sidewalk behaviour" seems to be the norm there . . . at least that was our experience.

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    It's not that I expect special treatment since I am riding my horse; I would just like to see some mannners! Whether I am on foot or riding, don't go flying past me like I don't exist and closely at that. I have similar problems on hiking trails in the national park, people just don't take others into account.

    Now what really gets me is when people are using trails for things they are not intened for. I will not ride on a trail that is marked specificly for ATVs or Bikes, that is their space, just as I expect them to respect and not ride/hike on trails marked specificly for horse use. That said, I am an ATV rider myself and I must admit that when I am out on the ATV trails and have to stop because someone is trail ridng I do get annoyed, as these areas are posted for us to ride ATVs in specificly. But what really burns me is when the trailrider has a tantrum that we could spook their horse. I explain that i know this as I am a rider but that they are in an area where they are going to encounter MANY ATVs and should leave.

    In short, stick to the trails marked for you. If they are multi-use, use some simple manners.
    “Four things greater than all things are, - Women and Horses and Power and War”

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    Quote Originally Posted by tikihorse2 View Post
    I have to wonder just why guys are "hiding in the bushes for no apparent reason"! Sounds pretty darn creepy to me! Please be careful when you go trail riding!

    Some walkers will step off the trail and "hide" because they think they are doing you a favor . . . what they don't realize is that now your horse thinks they are hiding so they can pounce on you as you go by!

    I run into all kinds of people on the trail - some are really considerate, some not so. I did have some bikers ride right up on me from behind - luckily my mare could care less. I did try to politely impart some "horse wisdom" on them, which of course went ignored. They weren't too thrilled when awhile later we cantered up on them - figured what was good for the goose was good for the gander.

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    I disagree. Horses are a completely different dynamic than a lady with a baby stroller passing a jogger. You have a 800-1,500 pound prey ANIMAL with a brain of its own who is capable of spooking, bolting, and plowing over (and possibly killing) humans that are in its path. Horses can do considerable damage when spooked. If a lady runs into a jogger with a baby stroller, the worst that's likely to happen is a skinned knee or a bruised elbow.
    yet more reasons for getting those dangerous animals off the multi-use trails. Every time you insist your horse NEEDS special treatment on a multi-use trail (specific horse trails excepted) it's another step towards getting the horses tossed. If your horse can't handle traffic maybe it shouldn't be out there. The reason you get such puzzled looks/ so-called rude behavior from joggers/bikers/hikers is because by their standards and experiences it's the horse riders who are acting weird. I hate rude bikers too, but I'm just trying to point out how these people think and how dangerous it is for horse riders to not understand the real issue.
    How many people have had their horse trails taken away from them lately? My favorite one was paved over and turned into a bike road.

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    While there are some crazies out there, unfortunately the majority of folks really don't know how to act around horses. Nobody has exposure to them. While I didn't grow up with horses, I grew up with cows, so I know how to act around big animals. But for others there is simply no frame of referance. For which you really can't blame them.

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    wendy, seriously, we are discussing trails that are equestrian trails first, and simply ALLOW bikers and pedestrians to use them. There are generally signs posted in the parking lots and at every trail entrance stating that horses have the right of way. It's not our fault that no one can read and that some other users are rude.

    This discussion isn't just about bikes and dogs and joggers. There has also been mention of rude riders, and people swerving off the road to aim their cars at horses or joggers.

    And I've had more rude encounters with other riders personally. Had one woman back her trailer up within 3 feet of my mare, who was tied to the trailer while I tacked up, so that she could "park in the shade" of a "tree" that was *maybe* 5' tall. Same woman a week later ran up on us while out with her friends. As in full-out gallop. Met up with her again on the other side of the same trail, and the same thing happened. Passed right by us, and a parking lot with several horses tied to trailers, at a gallop.

    My friend and I gave her hell. Its just rude. You don't come flying up behind anything, especially without at least calling out. I didn't do that when I rollerbladed in a big city park, and I don't do it now with my horse.

    A little common courtesy goes a long way.

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    Quote Originally Posted by tkhawk View Post
    While there are some crazies out there, unfortunately the majority of folks really don't know how to act around horses. Nobody has exposure to them. While I didn't grow up with horses, I grew up with cows, so I know how to act around big animals. But for others there is simply no frame of referance. For which you really can't blame them.
    Yes, this is what I find most disturbing. People don't have friends or family left on a farm where they get to visit and learn about large animals. Even those who actually still live on farms don't have livestock much anymore. So, by not being exposed to large animals, it never occures to people how much damage a large animal can do---especially if it gets out on a roadway. They fly along at 60 mph and just assume that a cow or horse will move out of the way. Nevermind that these animals are around tractors, trucks, ect and have been taught that at the least they don't have to be afraid and at the best feed comes with a tractor or truck! And look at how many people are injured or killed by "Bambi" getting out on the road.

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