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    Default Foal Eyes...Is it possible for eyes to go from dark to blue??...

    I was hanging out with the foals yesterday afternoon, just sitting in the grass, and Baz came up to me and put his nose in my face. The sun was shining nice and bright, and when I looked closer at his eyes I noticed a light blue swirl/streak around his iris He had dark eyes at birth and he is currently 1 month old. Has anyone seen this happen? Or are the blue eyes usually light blue at birth. He has LOADS of bling...bright bay with big blaze (no white over any part of his eyes though) stockings up to stifles, up to the knee on one front leg and up to the back of the knee on the other front, belly spots, small amount of roaning through his flank, and white hairs bordering his tail. Mom and Dad are both Sabino. I'm guessing there would be a higher chance of blue eyes with this color factor?? I dunno, I know nothing about color. Both eyes have this characteristic. I wish I could get a good picture of it, but camera/lighting+wiggly foal is not working to my advantage. Is it possible they are turning blue?! That would be crazy, really neat actually.

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    I think it is possible. My pinto filly was born with brown eyes, and at about 2-3 weeks they started changing. Her right eye has a blue ring around it and her left eye is half blue and half brown. I don't really know very much about color and genetics, but there are several people here that do. I will also be interested in what they say.

    Here are some photo's. There is a good head shot with the right eye with the ring.

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    Oh good! Everyone says I'm nuts, but his eyes look like they really are changing. I will try to get a picture of it...he's curious, but not interested in being messed with much just yet so it is difficult to get good pictures, esp of something like this. They aren't the dark grey/blue they are sometimes born with, but there is an actual light blue streak running through his iris and a an edge on the bottom of one of his eyes that is light's not the cloudy blue that would make you worry about something being wrong with his eyes, its the actual color of the iris...that is what makes me think they are turning.

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