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    Default feed program for 2 year old

    Thanks in advance for advice and feedback!

    I have two 2 year old geldings, both by my stallion, Gatsby, both out of TB mares. When they were yearlings I put them on a ration balancer formulated for grass hay and formulated for the Northwest, all upon the advice of other breeder friends who were trying to avoid developmental problems (OCD, etc.) that can sometimes occur with feeding traditional grain, including the Junior grains. The ration balancer is supposed to be everything they need in the right balance and ratios, and in fact, it even warns not to supplement with additional vitamins and minerals to avoid overdoing it. For awhile, it seemed to work beautifully, and I even had my pregnant and later lactating mare on that with grass hay and she looked amazing. However, something seems to be breaking down now with the 2 year olds. They look healthy from a body score standpoint, but their coats are dull and kind of mottled looking. They live outside 24/7 and get grass hay and pasture along with the ration balancer. They also get flax, so their coats should look better it would seem. It's obvious that they're missing something. Could it be that they're now just growing so much that what they're getting is not keeping up with the demand? They are both pretty big bodied and will be fairly large, so they really are growing a lot.

    Advice would be greatly appreciated, especially from folks who live in or are familiar with the nutritional needs associated with the Pacific Northwest.

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    What is the ration balancer (is there a website?) and how much are you feeding?

    Also, what has the deworming been like? Can you list each product, and when, for at least the last year, preferably for their lives?

    Are they looking ok weight-wise and overall condition-wise, it's just a problem with the coat?

    the coat issue could be parasites, but it could also be lack of sufficient copper and zinc.
    The CoTH CYA - please consult w/your veterinarian under any and all circumstances. - ET

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    Default Don't mean to hijack but ...

    I also have a 2 year old filly. She gets free-choice local hay, is out on pasture (but its winter, so quality of grass is not high), about 1 kg a day of ration balancer (Step 7 of ProForm feeds) and 1 large scoop of alfalfa cubes am and pm.

    She is about 15.3hh - 16hh and will be 3 at the end of February. Anyways, she looks very lean to me and her hind end and hips and neck lack muscle tone/look lean. I always felt like I needed to be careful about feeding her too much (OCD etc...), but I'm thinking that I should switch her ration balancer to a high calorie grain to add on a few pounds? Thoughts?

    Please give me input about what I should do.

    And she is a warmblood filly (Holsteiner).

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    I would definitely get a hold of Don Kapper from progressive. His email is on their site. He will ask you question on your horses, ask for pictures, and will even send someone out to farm if necessary. I was having probles with a filly that was really skinny and the bad fur. She is completey turned around. He breeds warmbloods.

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    Thanks, I'll send him an email, but progressive feeds are'nt available where I live, so not sure how that will work. But I'll contact him for advice.

    Anyone else?

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