I have a 6-yo Appendix mare that has gotten quite attached to her fairly new pasture mates (2 other mares owned by friends with whom I trail ride/school). We've recently mastered remaining calm in the barn without said pasture mates and have 9 out of 10 rides where she couldn't-care-less when schooling w/o pasture mates. We have better success when my mare leaves the pasture mates, rather than one (or both) leaving her.

We had a setback today when we went to a show, the first time with a pasture buddy. In the 8 months I've had her (by circumstance) we've only gone to shows alone and she's been quite the veteran... today, she was beside herself when leaving her buddy (buddy OTOH couldn't care less) and it spilled back to anxiety at the barn.

There is the possibility to switch pastures; however, I'm worried that we'll just repeat the same issues with new buddies - albeit, not with horses we often ride with. Does this idea have merit? Any ideas for mastering buddy sourness away from home? Thanks!