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    Jan. 15, 2001

    Talking have you ever ridden with a knee brace

    Last night I tested some of Newton's Laws regarding gravity and motion. The laws still hold true and gravity won. I ended up with a fractured fibula - it is just a long sliver that broke off near the head of the bone. I am wearing one of the hinged braces to make it more comfortable not because the doctor thinks that it is needed to stabilize the bone. I see an orthopedist in 2 weeks but the ER doc said I could bear weight on it, walk, ride a horse etc. I don't know if I can even bend it enough to mount, but has anyone ever ridden in one? I am not even sure that I want to until I see the orthopedist but winters here can be brutal and I hate losing fall riding time if I don't have to. I am happy to say it is the first serious type of injury that I have had in a very long time (50 years maybe) that wasn't caused by a horse.

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    Apr. 29, 2006


    Poor you.

    I'm surprised you're cleared to ride. One of the risks my Mom was warned about was an embolism from a small fracture. This was from the specialist two days after the ER told her she was 'fine'. The explanation there was that the ER did the best they could and that the 'real' doctor picked it when he was reviewing things. Great, thanks.

    As to your original question, I rode in a knee brace for a while for stability after I dislocated knee. It wasn't the most comfortable but it was doable. The hardest was bearing weight in the stirrup. Ouch.

    Hope you heal soon!

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    I'd be careful depending on what kind. if it is one with the fixed sides and hinges I have known people who fell of and broke their leg right at the end of the brace. And I'd concerned about the blood clots, etc. Tell you Dr. to hurry up

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    Dec. 4, 2002
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    IF it is not going to cause more damage, not knowing your precise injury...

    yes, I have. It freaking ruined a bunch of breeches, so don't wear your best ones. It drove me nuts because you have to put on a lot of baby powder so it doesn't chafe. It also has a tendency to have you be a bit crooked to compensate, so it depends on what you plan to do.


    Ask me how I know this. You do NOT want to get off and then not be able to walk for a bit and curse loudly and strongly in front of many young children.
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    Mar. 29, 2008


    I don't really have a grasp on exactly what the injury is, but I wonder what the hurry is to get on a horse? Maybe you ought to just chill for a little while until you don't have any extra bones and joints.

    Now that that's out of the way, yes, I have ridden with a knee brace. But not the kind with the hinges in it, just the soft neoprene one with the kneecap cut out. I'd think the hinges would destroy the saddle. But I did ride with my knee brace for a couple of years after I tore my ACL because my knee was just too unstable without it. The brace kept it from hurting. I would slide the brace down over my field boot, pull the boot on, (no zippers back in the day) and then pull the brace up over my knee once the boot was on. I even got it in breeches beige so it didn't look too weird. I can't remember how long I waited to ride again after getting hurt, but it was probably 8-12 weeks.

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    Mar. 5, 2007


    I've also ridden in the soft ones. I have two different kinds, the soft tan ones with the cutout and white ace braces that has the cut out and also a little support on the sides. No hinges though.
    I usually wear them when my knees act up, but I've also found them to be great for breaking in new boots. Completely eliminates the rubs you get on the back of your knees before the boots sink!
    Timothy, stop lurking

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    Jan. 15, 2001


    Well, after talking to a friend who is an ER doctor I don't think I will be doing much of anything until I see my orthopedist. It really sounds like it is not a good idea with this type of brace and injury. I was just anxious to ride since if I have to wait 4-6 weeks it will be getting much darker and chillier. I don't ride in the winter - no indoor and usually lots of cold temps and endless snow. I will just play with them on the ground.

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    Sep. 28, 2005


    Definitely talk to the ortho first! I broke my tibia and rode way before I was supposed to, but I took the brace off - I think it would be really cumbersome in the saddle. I rode without stirrups and took it easy, and it was fine.
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    Mar. 30, 2009


    I would talk to ortho first too, which it sounds like you are doing. But to answer the original question, yes, I have. I rode in one of the ones without the hinges. When my joints act up badly I sometimes need extra support...I actually wear my brace under my breeches usually and just start with it up a little higher than I really want it to be since they have a tendency to slide down. Vetwrap also works wonderfully. I think the hinged kind would destroy the saddle unless there was something to keep the hinges from scraping on it. You can also ride with wrist braces, even the kind with metal in them, and ankle braces as long as they are just elastic...

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