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    Default Do they make good looking tree-less saddles?

    That don't cost over $1000?

    i have been thinking of getting my standardbred one...i want to try one out of course .. first... as my wide tree just first her "ok" and i'd like to get one that fits her better.

    But....are they all ugly? i haven't seen one yet..not that i have been looking overly hard...that is in any way attractive. Lol. i like my saddles to look like...saddles...(i mainly do dressage) but the ones iam finding are odd color combos, or look like rolls of leather.

    So anyone have one that is pretty? lol

    Oh, and do you like it?

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    I don't know if you consider it 'ugly', but I adore my Ansur. It's really the only saddle that fits my guy perfectly, and it's comfortable to ride in.....and I don't think it's ugly!

    They're pricey new, but if you watch, say the classifieds or Bits and Barter, you can occasionally find them for under $1000.....

    I bought mine second hand, but the Ansur people were very helpful in finding me a trial saddle....

    Good luck! Finding the right treeless saddle is a chore!
    To be loved by a horse should fill us with awe, for we hath not deserved it.

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    I have the Ansur Carelton, looks fine to me!

    More importantly, it's fabulous for my horse.
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    o that one is actually nice !!

    these are some of the only ones i have been able to find locally: not finding attractive at all. it looks like an over done bareback pad.

    but i like the ansur


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    Check out the Black Forest Aspen. It's still a bit different looking, but not too bad.

    I've got a Shasta and I LOVE it. I pretty much trail ride since I've got a gaited horse now, but I'd have no problem doing dressage in it.

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    I just got a "new to me" Sensation english trail saddle - have had lots of compliments on how nice it looks. And it rides even better!!
    Last edited by Tiger Horse; Sep. 3, 2009 at 05:20 PM. Reason: I was going to add a pic, but don't have one at work.

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    I've ridden in this Bob Marshall and in a Freeform Liberty

    I don't think Marshall makes anything in a dressage or ap saddle, but I will say that it was the most comfortable, supportive saddle I ever rode with. And so wonderful for the horses. They are the saddle we will be using in our therapeutic riding program this spring.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Leather View Post
    Check out the Black Forest Aspen. It's still a bit different looking, but not too bad.

    I've got a Shasta and I LOVE it. I pretty much trail ride since I've got a gaited horse now, but I'd have no problem doing dressage in it.
    Several women at my barn ride in the BF saddles and love them. They swear by the comfort and durability, and the saddles appear to be well-made. They often try out new designs for Ursula.

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    Second one down, looks like a regular saddle to me.
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    I love my Fhoenix from Enlightened Equitation...and I think it is very nice looking...but it's not a cheap saddle. My model is not the Vogue but the older style.

    Barefoot saddles are under $1000. I've ridden in a couple now and they were "ok" but not close to the Fhoenix in comfort and rider support.

    Oh, I have had Ansur's before too and did not care for them as much as the Fhoenix either.

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