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    Default dusty arenas/allergies

    My horse has allergies to dust that show up in the hot spring/summer. We have hogfuel arenas that I have not been able to ride in since May. I love this place and so does he, great care, great turnout, great people. We don't want to move. I have a huge provincial equestrian park virtually across the street where we have been trail riding all summer. Planning for next year though are there any supplements that people have tried that have helped with allergies/coughs.

    Respi free was suggested by a nutritionist but I haven't found anyone who has used it.

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    Feb. 4, 2007
    Western North Carolina


    I've had great results with the testing and shots although I still do all the management stuff also, wet hay, 24-7 turnout, etc.
    Can you wet down the arena so there is less dust before you ride?

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    My OTTB Boomer now deceased, was a very cool horse. Had him at a great facility with a "wood product" as footing in the arena. It would get dusty, stay dusty for a few days, they'd water it and on and on. Boomer started coughing. I started coughing. Then Boomer started labouring with his breathing. My Vet at the time attributed this to "allergies." Boomer got worse. I took him up to the University of Guelph where he was scoped and had a lung biopsy done. Diagnosis? Small Airway Disease. Cause? When the "wood product" was watered down and then went through the natural drying process, it would emit mold spores. Not surprisingly, we were all breathing in that mold. I bought an aeromask, put him on a series of steroids and he did very well. The footing in the arena was changed and he recovered. The owners of that particular barn had an older Arabian Stallion who was diagnosed within weeks of Boomer as having the exact same disease. Coincidence? I don't think so. We had a Specialist come to the farm from U of G to do air sampling in the arena and his findings were as above.
    \"If you are going through hell, keep going.\" ~Churchill~

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    I have been using Uckele brand Bioquench and Herbal Mune together for a little over a year.
    I noticed immediate results. My horse doesn' even cough at the beginning of a workout. Not even a peep....
    I believe he had some throat irritation and the combination of these 2 supplements has taken care of it.
    I use one scoop of each per day, so it is pretty cheap in the long run!
    Good luck!
    Lisa and Rocky

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